The Thursday Politics Thread Paints A Creepy Statue Pink

Good Morning politocadoes!,

Well, everyone know about that creepy Nathan Bedford Forrest statue? Well, it appears some rapscallions went and painted it pink. Owned by a private collector, the paint will apparently ‘show up real good’. This is not the first case of vandalism obviously, the owner says it’s been shot at six times.

Meanwhile! Pedophile Crazy Man and former senatorial candidate Roy Moore has filed a complaint of election fraud to delay the Alabama Special Election certification results. However, the Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has no intention to delay the board meeting

And finally, Trump’s legal team is planning on vilifying known “Good Guy” Mike Flynn if he accuses the President or any of his senior staff of wrongdoing. So yeah, we knew this was coming. Flynn got a sweetheart of a deal and he’s telling quite a story, I’d wager.

Welcome to Thursday, everyone!

Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect. Don’t wish any specific harm on a public figure no matter how unpleasant they may be.

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