Happy! Season 1 Episode 4 Year Of The Horse

The plots thicken tonight as we not only have both Meredith, Happy, and Nick find Very Bad Santa’s hideout but we also have Blue’s sister arrive with reality tv crew in tow to find out who killed her sons. We also get another great fight scene as a bunch of Triads try to kill Nick inside and outside a restaurant in Chinatown.

The comedic highlights of this episode belongs to the cast and crew of Secrets Of My Sussex a reality show that Isabella Scaramucci is a big part of. All throughout the episode Blue is either trying to convince Isabella to get rid of them or he is insisting that while he has done bad things he has never done something so evil as make reality tv. The best part though is after watching Isabella break down at the sight of her dead sons the director insists that they head outside to film her breakdown again.

Smoothie makes another delightful appearance in tonight’s episode where he is continuing his makeup efforts on Meredith’s mother as well as taking some “Smoothie time” to torture a missionary who came to the wrong door to proselytise.

We find out who Blue is working for tonight when he has a discussion with the bizarre and mysterious Bug about how his actions are risking the exposure of their whole operation including whatever the end goal Very Bad Santa has for the kidnapped children.

This was another great episode tonight and I think I enjoyed even more than the two previous episodes. I eagerly await the next episode as it looks like Meredith, Amanda, and Nick will all be working together now and the ensuing drama should make for good television. I give this episode an A

Passing Thoughts

  • Bug’s party looks almost as bizarre as he does
  • Imaginary Friends don’t digest very well apparently
  • Happy apparently is somewhat conversational in Mandarin after at most one year of lessons with Hayley
  • Yin-Yang Fish looks both tasty and scary
  • Happy’s Hope Dance has the powers of giving directions to the next quet goal