Scott OT #19: Gambit Night Thread (12/12)

(As some of you Night Thread posters have noticed, I watched the entirety of X-Men: The Animated Series over the last few weeks and became inordinately fascinated by the character of Gambit and his bizarre Cajun accent. I decided to do an entire Night Thread header in character as him because I’ve lost my damn mind I thought it would be funny.)

Mon ami, evryone! Iz your favrite card zrowing mutant Gambit!!


Gambit ‘as ze power to explo’ anyzing I touch! Gambit uzlee limeets it to playeng cards but I alzo explo’ utter zings too!


Gambit ‘ails vrom ze Bayou! Zere wuz evin en epizode ’bout Gambit’s origin but et was veery fucking veird.


(Gambit eez alzo en love vit Rogue!!)

Gambit ‘opes jou all ‘ave fun posteng ‘ere t’night end ‘ave a great nite!!