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Fashion Club 12/12

Tonight’s Fashion Club is brought to you in part by Hannibal. I mostly want to highlight Alana Bloom’s fashion in season three. Alana dresses very well in the first two seasons, but in season three her fashion gets a serious upgrade. With Hannibal gallivanting around Florence, and later in prison, someone has to wear some excellent suits. And Alana manages that burden in spectacular fashion.

There’s a nice article about it here:

She wears a particularly striking suit in S304, “Apertivo”. This isn’t a great image of the suit, but it should give you some idea.

alana apertivo.gif

Alana Bloom, being defenestrated and nearly killed may have made you cold and bitter, but your wardrobe reaped the benefits.

Now! This is the special Holiday edition of Fashion Club. So, there are two topics of conversation.

The first is What Do You Want For Christmas?*

For me, it’s simple: some new socks, and one decent grey sweater. Just something I can wear with dark pants. Probably a crewneck but I am flexible. I’m really just waiting for Original Penguin to have a decent sale.

The second is What Do You NOT Want For Christmas?*

Maybe you have someone who buys you clothing as a holiday gift, and they really shouldn’t. What have you received, or do you still receive, that needs to include the gift receipt every year?

I don’t know if I have a particular item for this. But I do prefer to do my own shopping. Sometimes I need a certain thing, but more often, I know what I want when I see it.

Now, Fashion Club. Let’s hear it. Did you score anything great on the pre-holiday sales? What are you hoping to get this year? What is going back as soon as the stores open?

*Christmas is the most commercialized of all the winter holidays, I don’t think this is even a question. But please feel free to substitute another holiday here if you prefer.