The Thursday Politics Thread Is Fine

So, California is currently engulfed in wildfire, politicians are being forced to resign their seats due to gross improprieties (except Trump!), and the Russia probe is revealing what we’ve known from the beginning: Trump and his merry band of jackanapes were conspiring with them all along. What a month this week has been!

What did the dipshit-in-chief do yesterday? Oh, he just may have sparked another Intifada because he had no understanding of the implications of formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Devin Nunes is back in the news! Apparently he spoke to Erik Prince about the House probe despite his recusal! Fun!

And all of the while Fredo was in the hot seat during an 8-hour closed hearing testimony. Wherein, he claimed attorney-client privilege about conversations with his father despite neither of them being attorneys.

How did these guys win again? Oh right, the Russians.

Welcome to Thursday! Sorry for the late start, Lupin isn’t feeling well. I’ll be checking in periodically so you kids behave yourselves.

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