The World’s Ugliest Funko POP!s

The other day, I came out swinging in a topic more controversial than if you should put the toilet paper with the pull-away sheet in the front or in the back:  I posited that Funkos don’t deserve your hatred.  The discussion was enjoyable and spirited, as we have come to expect from our esteemed community of misfits, anarchists, and ne’er-do-wells.

One recurring topic caught my eye, though: Funkos that were really, really ugly.  The design lends to a template that can be modified to suit every property.  However, there are times when that standard look completely and utterly fails.

Without further ado, here’s the ones that were posted.

@flubbagunto posted my favorite pair, where the standard big, black eyes seem to plead in existential desperation. “Why did you create me, you mocking God,” they seem to say. Dory is especially delightful. She’s a blue box with features. That’s what Finding Dory was about, right? A sentient shipping container who must find her long lost parents with the help of her friends Loading Dock Crane and Disgruntled Longeshoreman?

Here’s where I admit my shame: I, unlike every red-blooded American sworn to catapult the domestic product to the top of the box office at all costs, have not yet seen the live-action Beauty and the Beast. But if this Mrs. Potts (posted by @chashi) is any indication, the movie must be a nightmare landscape. Lovecraftian horror Mrs. Potts and Josh Gad in the same movie? My fragile mind would be shattered irrevocably.

@blargg posted this character from Steven Universe, which I also haven’t watched.  I think might need to, though.  It apparently has Muppets on it.

Finally, Richard Killjoy III posts this one that I didn’t think was all that bad. However… how would anyone ever guess that this was Katniss Everdeen? Or perhaps there was a mix-up, and this is really Elizabeth Hurley’s Devil character from that hit Brendan Fraser movie, Bedazzled?  Can it be two things?  or maybe this is Katniss burning in hell for basically screwing the world at the end of Mockingjay, Part II?  I’m assuming it’s the latter, consider the disclaimer in the corner that this figurine is intended for “Ages 14+”.

Anyway, post here your favorite, ugliest Funko POP!.

And if you say “all of them” I’m coming down to your house and issuing a stern warning about not being original at all.