There’s No Kevin Spacey in the New All the Money in the World Trailer

You probably all now know that Kevin Spacey will no longer be in All the Money in the World, news that made it a rare upcoming movie in December that people began regularly talking about without “Last” or “Jedi” in the title. Now we have a trailer which features Christopher Plummer (The Sound of MusicRock-A-Doodle) stepping into Spacey’s shoes which were stepping into J. Paul Getty’s shoes. Everything looks appropriately Oscary here, which makes sense since there’s a slight chance of Plummer getting a Best Supporting Actor nod, something which could lead to the most awkward Academy Award speech ever (“First of all, I would like to thank Kevin Spacey for getting fired…”).

Plummer was brought in to replace Spacey only weeks before the film’s release, something which indicates extreme confidence in the movie from both Sony and director Ridley Scott. It’s set for theatrical release on December 22nd, where it will open against Pitch Perfect 3, the new Jumanji adventure and The Greatest Showman (all of which will probably make a lot more money than World).

No word yet on whether or not Plummer will also be joining The Today Show as a co-host.