Fashion Club 11/29

Welcome, Fashion Club. We are a night late this week because I was busy being fashionable last night. Okay, so I was watching the Arrowverse crossover. Anyway, here we are.

This week, in a Very Special Fashion Club, we’ll talk Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Big Deal Wednesday / etc. Okay, I just made up Big Deal Wednesday, but it doesn’t sound any dumber than Cyber Monday, does it? Didn’t “cyber” get retired around 2001, anyway?


Tales of Holiday Shopping: Catgun Edition

I managed to be reasonable, though I did buy myself a couple things. A grey button-up sweater from J. Crew, and a suit from my local mall at a steep discount. The suit is a two-button Calvin Klein thing, something like this:

As far as suits go, it’s pretty basic, but its utility sold me. I did sign up for a store card to enhance the discount, but the bottom line was about $115, which is reasonable for something I will definitely use. (The jacket fits pretty well, the pants only need minor tailoring.)

I also bought some discounted underwears on Monday, though I will not post pictures of the items or myself wearing them, you tremendous pervs.

So, Fashion Club. What did you give yourself for an early present? Or what are you coveting this year?

Business Items

I continue to use the Fashion Club from Daria in the header for these posts. This isn’t a problem for me – I kind of love Daria – but I’d welcome suggestions for other header images. Even if I would miss those bitchy high school girls, which is maybe not the best thing for a grown cat to say.

Anyway! Have at it.