Snubby Awards: 1983 Results/1982 Nominations

I feel safe saying 1983 was the weakest year in the 34 years we’ve done Snubby Awards for. (I love Return of the Jedi and Trading Places as much as the next guy, but are they really Oscar-worthy?) But there’s still some good stuff, including David Cronenberg becoming the first director with two nominations in the same year (he has five nominations total, three in the ’80s, two in the ’00s, and a 14-year gap in between!)

As always, vote totals, runners-up, and past nominees can be seen on the Google spreadsheet. Now, here are your winners for 1983!

Best Cast
Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

Best Voicework
James Earl Jones, Return of the Jedi

Best Stuntwork
Return of the Jedi

Best Snubbed Supporting Actor
Darren McGavin, A Christmas Story

Best Snubbed Supporting Actress
Jamie Lee Curtis, Trading Places

Best Snubbed Actor
Eddie Murphy, Trading Places

Best Snubbed Actress
Carrie Fisher, Return of the Jedi

Best Snubbed Director
David Cronenberg, Videodrome

Best Snubbed Picture
Return of the Jedi

All of these races were pretty clear-cut, except for Best Snubbed Picture, where Jedi got 16 votes, beating out both A Christmas Story and Meaning of Life by just one vote.

Now, back to 1982! As always, anyone can suggest a film or performance, and you can upvote as many choices as you think are deserving. Please keep discussions to the discussion threads so as not to clutter the potential nominees. The top five vote-getters will move on to the nomination round next week. Here are 1982’s Oscar nominees, which are not eligible for the Snubby:

Best Picture
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
The Verdict

Best Director
Richard Attenborough, Gandhi
Wolfgang Peterson, Das Boot
Steven Spielberg, E.T.
Sydney Pollack, Tootsie
Sidney Lumet, The Verdict

Best Actress
Meryl Streep, Sophie’s Choice
Julie Andrews, Victor/Victoria
Jessica Lange, Frances
Sissy Spacek, Missing
Debra Winger, An Officer and a Gentleman

Best Actor
Ben Kingsley, Gandhi
Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie
Jack Lemmon, Missing
Paul Newman, The Verdict
Peter O’Toole, My Favorite Year

Best Supporting Actress
Jessica Lange, Tootsie
Glenn Close, The World According to Garp
Teri Garr, Tootsie
Kim Stanley, Frances
Lesley Ann Warren, Victor/Victoria

Best Supporting Actor
Louis Gossett Jr., An Officer and a Gentleman
Charles Durning, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
John Lithgow, The World According to Garp
James Mason, The Verdict
Robert Preston, Victor/Victoria