Alternate Legends of Tomorrow Teams

Legends of Tomorrow was originally going to be an anthology. There has been significant turnover of cast members (or at least main cast members) however. I got the idea for alternate (and diverse where possible) or future team makeups recently and I thought it would be a good topic of discussion. Since it’s crossover week, what better time?


1. Characters must be from a CWverse series.

2. A version(s) of the character from another Earth is fine but not a past and future version from the same Earth.

3. Teams have 5-9 members. Try to balance serieswise.

4. Title characters are ineligible.

A few teams:

All series:

Sara, Alex, Wells, Constantine, Amaya, Wally, Caitlyn Frost

All Women:

Sara, Alex, Lena, Amaya, Zari, Peekaboo, Caitlyn Frost

All Meta/Alien:

J’onn, Jesse, Peekaboo, Caitlyn Frost, Nate, Dinah Drake

All Magic:

Amaya, Zari, Gypsy, Constantine, Siobhan, (other totem holders?)

All Unpowered:

Sara, Ava, Nyssa, Alex, Diggle

All Sci/Tech:

Wells, Jax, Ray, Lena, Wynn, Curtis, Julian, Tracy Brand

And a few for fun:

League of Canaries:

Sara, Laurel, Black Siren, Dinah Drake, Artemis, Dinah Lance

Council of Wells

7 Sara Lances