Werewolves XLVI: Live Together, Die Alone – Day 7

Mr. Eko couldn’t sleep. Too many deaths. Too much anger. Plus, his kidneys hurt. So, to while away the nighttime hours, he was tending to John Locke’s mango grove.

He sliced off a piece of mango and considered it. He could never remember if mango skin was supposed to be good for you or bad for you. Best not to risk it. All he had to do was survive long enough to get off this island and to the secret lab in Mexico, and then both he and Crusoe would be fine.

He started to peel the skin off his mango. But knife was only an inch into the fruit when a shot rang out in the night. Mr. Eko fell to the ground, dead.

The shadowy figure who had shot him heard a cracking sound behind him. He spun around and fired another shot into the dark jungle, but it didn’t hit anything. False alarm.

RobertPostsChild is dead. He was a Castaway, a Taily, and the Master of the Temple.

In the morning, the remaining castaways again woke up to two empty sleeping pallets. Being creatures of habit, they immediately ran to the mango grove. There they found Mr. Eko’s body.

“Mr. Eko,” shouted Crusoe, distraught.

“But where is that guy? You know, the other one?” asked Zack Ferrari.

“Uh, guys,” said the Sawyer type. “Look up.”

Slowly, all of the castaways turned their gaze up, up, to the very tops of the mango trees. There, tangled in the topmost branches of the grove, was the mangled, broken body of [random airline passenger]. As the castaways stared, something fell from the tree and landed in front of the emo girl.

“It’s a DHARMA Initiative ID,” she said. “The name’s smudged, but that’s definitely his photo.”

Smapti Jones is dead. He was an Other, and the Man of Science.

The castaways tiredly dragged the two new bodies to their rapidly growing graveyard. When they got there, another surprise greeted them.

“Why is Maude’s grave empty?” asked Zack.

“You’re telling me there used to be a body in that hole in the ground?” said the drunken newcomer.

“There will be again soon,” said a voice behind them. Everyone turned around.

“Maude!” said Crusoe. “You’re alive!”

“No,” said Maude sadly. “But I am here, for a little while.”

“So you’re dead?” said the emo girl. “Awesome.”

“That’s right,” said Maude. “Awesome. Now, let’s see if we can’t figure some things out.”

Today’s random event is Empty Coffin.

For one day and one day only, LindsayFunke is visiting the land of the living. She may comment and vote in the day’s thread. Because, no matter what, she’ll return to death at the end of the day, she may not be voted for.



  1. Mello Yello Enthusiast (formerly liz156)
  2. Capt.LindsayFünke (temporarily active)
  3. Doctor Nick
  4. Captain Video
  5. Owen1120
  6. Smapti Jones
  7. Pulprobot
  8. spookyfriend
  9. RobertPostsChild
  10. InnDEEEEED (ThanksgivingStyle)
  11. subsaharan (formerly Admirax)
  12. MacCrocodile
  13. forget_it_jake
  14. A Winged Potato
  15. Zecko
  16. subsaharan


12 5 Castaways (Town)

4 3 Others (Wolves)

1 Serial Killer


  • At the start of the game, there are two factions and two factions only. Depending on the course of events, more factions may emerge, including but not limited to a serial killer.
  • The counts of players in each faction will not be updated in the header unless otherwise stated.
  • When a player dies, their faction and role (though not the specifics of what their role means) will be revealed.
  • The Castaways win when all scum factions have been eliminated.
  • The Others win when all Castaways and competing scum factions have been eliminated.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of a day, a two-hour runoff vote will be held between the leading vote-getters.
  • A majority of votes for a player or a No Lynch ends the day early.
  • Do not edit posts.
  • Do not directly quote or screencap from your QT.
  • If you have any questions, please ask Hols and I in your QT.

Day 7 will end on Wednesday at 10 PM EST, or whenever a majority lynch vote is reached. (Hols and I may not be around at 10 PM exactly. We trust you guys to observe Twilight if we aren’t.)