Scott OT# 12: A Mary Elizabeth Winstead Night Thread

(This was an old OT I posted on the old site. I decided to repost it (with updates) since today is Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s birthday.)

There are many great actresses working today but none are as underrated as Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


She started off acting in TV shows like Touched By An Angel and Passions before starring in crappy horror sequels/remakes like The Ring Two, Final Destination 3, and Black Christmas. She also had a turn in the well-liked superhero film Sky High.

She started getting attention in 2007 with roles in Grindhouse and Live Free Or Die Hard. She wasn’t really utilized in Grindhouse but she turned in a great performance in Live Free Or Die Hard. She stole the show from Bruce Willis and Timothy Olyphant. Notably, her brief cameo in A Good Day To Die Hard was the highlight of the movie. Her best performance came in 2010, as Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World. She is pitch perfect in the role.


Alas, after Scott Pilgrim sadly flopped she started taking roles in films that were either beneath her (The Thing, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, A Glimpse In The Mind Of Charles Swan III, the aforementioned A Good Day To Die Hard, etc.) or sadly underseen indie movies (Smashed, The Spectacular Now, Faults, etc.). Thankfully, her career came roaring back to life last year with the lead role in 10 Cloverfeld Lane. She gave an amazing performance as Michelle and rivals Scott Pilgrim as her best performance. She holds her own against John Goodman, which is no small feat.


She starred in Fargo this year and she was just amazing. She stole every single scene she was in and was one of the highlights of the season.


Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.