Happy November the 10th (11/10)

Yeah, that header says Happy Birthday.  But that’s because today really is my birthday!

You know what I'm happy

Downside, is I’m turning 37 or, as it should be called, “almost 40”

Ages 36 through 39 should be called “almost 40”.

Regardless of that, I share my birthday with lots of famous people.



Like Martin Luther, born in 1483, 497 years before me.

Annex - Rains, Claude_01

And actor Claude Raines, born in 1889


And the doggie Hachiko, born in 1923.


And Richard Burton, born in 1925


And the composer Ennio Morricone, born 1928


And actor  Roy Scheider, born 1932


And lyricist Tim Rice, born 1944


And creator of the Mother/Earthbound video game series Shigesato Itoi, born 1948


Broadway star and Bob Fosse protege Ann Reinking, born 1949


And producer-writer Debra Hill, born 1950 (30 years before me!)


And comedian Sinbad (who isn’t as unfunny as comedy snobs make him out to be, so knock it off), born 1956

mackenzie phillips.jpg

And Mackenzie Phillips….born 1959…………I can’t be sorry enough for what happened to her





Moving on


Also, I share a birthday with writer Neil Gaiman, born 1960 (Twenty years before me!!!)


And actor Hugh Bonneville, born 1963


And actor comedian Tracy Morgan, born 1968


And actress and almost perfect Renee Zellweger clone Ellen Pompeo, born 1969


And actress Brittany Murphy, born 1977


And US Marine Corporal Jason Dunham, who heroically threw himself on to an enemy grenade, saving his fellow Marines at the cost of his own life, born 1981


And actor Taron Egerton, born 1989


And actress Kiernan Shipka, born 1999, the year I graduate high school.  She turns 18 this year.

(I was going to post a link to Gary Puckett’s “This Girl is a Woman Now”, however that song is about a young lady losing her virginity and I didn’t want to make any bad suggestions toward Ms. Shipka)

However, November 10th was a day of death for some


Such as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, first president of the modern Republic of Turkey, back in 1938.  Today is a national holiday in Turkey in honor of the man.


Or The Rifleman Chuck Connors, back in 1992


Or actor Jack Palance, back in 2006

Dino De Laurentiis.jpg

Or producer Dino De Laurentiis, in 2010 (my thirtieth birthday)


Or song writer Allen Toussaint in 2015, who wrote songs such as “Mother-In-Law”, “I Like It Like That”, “Working in The Coal Mine”, “Lady Marmalade”, and this:

However, the most historic death in this country, and I’m going to be very grave here (no pun intended), was that of Confederate Captain Henry Wirz back in 1865.  He was the commandant of the Andersonville Prison Camp, where many, many Union soldiers were sent.  Those poor men endured conditions similar to those of the Nazi Concentration Camps and came out looking like they had been in such places.  Though many hands were involved in such inhumane and evil treatment, Wirz is the one who took the blame.  And rightly so, as he oversaw what happened.  He signed off on what happened.  He took part in what happened.  He was tried and convicted for all that took place at the prison camp and sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead.  On November 10th, that sentenced was carried out.  Odd observation, but Wirz was allowed to keep his shoes on at his execution, unlike the Lincoln Conspirator men (and, possibly Mrs. Surrat, but this was the Victorian times and would be unseemly for a woman to remove her shoes anywhere save the bedroom) who were hanged that summer.


Anyway, on to better things.

Today is also a holiday for a number of countries.

panama flag.jpg

Today is the “Cry of Independence” Day in Panama.  This act in 1821 would lead to the independence of Panama from Spain.Today is also a day


Today is also Martinisingen in Germany, their version of Halloween (though, from the looks of it, with less costumes).

And a number of important events happened on this day


Windows 1.0 was first introduced in 1981.


The Iwo Gima memorial was dedicated in 1954.


The Hope Diamond was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute in 1958, becoming a national treasure.  This was also around the same time that shit started to hit the fan in country.  Perhaps it’s time to send the Diamond back to India where it rightfully belongs.  Just sayin’.


The Berlin Wall began the process of being torn down in 1989, finally uniting West and East Germany after so long.  This act would signal the end of Communism hold on Eastern Europe.


In 1969, Sesame Street debuted on PBS and has been a staple of childhood ever since.


And in 1775, the United States Marine Corps. was founded.  Tonight, a grand ball will be held to honor this event and many a Marine will be dressed like a prince tonight, even the women Marines.

But, the most important event for me personally is that I came into existence on this day.  And, for all of you out there who share this birthday, it’s very personal to you two because you also came into existence and could experience the works of the people listed here and the events and everything else.

A lot of us November Tenthers (as I’m declaring us) aren’t writers or actors or producers or presidents or revolutionaries.  We most certainly aren’t major events, to be sure.  But we were born on one of the most important days in human history.  We share our birthday with some many important people.


So, I say not just happy birthday to myself and to so many others, but Happy November the 10th to all!

My name is Brian Moore and I thank you for reading this.