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Name Your 25 Favorite “A” Songs

This post was put up by a banned user.  The Avocado does not condone their actions and preserves their threads for the sake of the conversations in the comments.

OK, this is going to be a cool new game where we go through the alphabet and expand our horizons. I have pretty limited taste in music as opposed to TV/movies. I only started listening to popular music when I was about 15 and I started driving for the first time and playing the radio (I grew up in a household where my mom listened to Sounds of Sinatra and my dad listened to classical music). I actually play piano and french horn and cover pop stuff on piano and understand theory and all that but don’t have that much ability to discuss music, nor do I feel it’s as purposeful to discuss music since it’s more subjective (at least to me than other arts).  I will mostly discuss lyrics and how I came across a song.

So let’s make this series an opportunity to share, not judge, and possibly ask recommendations. By listing 25, you have to sort of scramble towards the back ends of your brain. It’s kind of a challenge, but you can also cheat and consult your playlist.


In no particular

  1. Aint it Fun, Paramore
  2. Angel, Sarah McLaghlin-For me, this is like the ultimate song to listen to through hard times
  3. Angels of Silences, Counting Crows-One of the cases where I really dig Counting Crows’ lyrics, it’s got a lot of haunting imagery
  4. Adia, Sarah McLaughlin-Sarah McLachlan sings to a friend who she let down in what seems to be a major way.  As I listened to it a couple more times,  it became unclear who committed the transgression as evidenced by the hints of uncertainty (Clues here are “Adia, I do believe I’ve failed you” and the last line of the chorus “Does it matter?”). So instead of singing out an apology,  Sarah pleads with Adia to not lose her innocence. It’s possible that innocence could be used in a “not guilty” way but a “not bitter” interpretation is more likely here.
    This is interesting if Sarah was the transgressor that she would plead for her victim to not feel pain but that also makes a lot of sense for admittedly selfish reasons.  If you hit someone with a car,  wouldn’t you be relieved to know for the sake of your conscience that the other person was OK?  Another possible interpretation is that the narrator let her down by simply not preventing Adia from harm or simply letting her grow older to the point where she’d have to face the dangers of adulthood (hence the reminder that “we are young”).
  5. Across the Universe, The Beatles
  6. Ants Marching, Dave Mathews Band
  7. Americatown, Five for Fighting
  8. American Pie, Don McLean-My mom claims to have known Don McLean in college (which is odd because his website lists him going to Villanova and not the college that my mom went to) but for that reason one of the few exceptions of my lack of exposure was Don McLean’s music. American Pie is like THE song
  9. All of Me, John Mayer-
  10. All About that Bass, Megan Trainer
  11. Apologize, One Republic
  12. All For You, Sister Hazel-I liked this enough that I bought Sister Hazel’s CD, it is pretty awful and many songs are derivative of this one good song, but this one song was like in my head for a year or two.
  13. All I Wanna Do, Cheryl Crowe
  14. As I Lay Me Down, Sophie B Hawkins-I think I got introduced to it through an episode of Community
  15. A-Team, Ed Sheeran-A valuable lesson to all you teeny boppers out there: Release a song that’s not about yourself as your first single and then you can spend the rest of your music career whining about your sex life and still have artistic credibility. “The A-Team” tells the story about a drug addict who doesn’t appear to be leaving bad decision land any time soon (prostitution is among the measures she’s resorting to). The song starts out with descriptive half-sentences (“White lips, pale face, breathing in snow flakes, burnt lungs, sour taste) which hint at a very sad character but the description brings an curiously undeniable sense of beauty to it. When he talks about how “she flies to the motherland,” it’s in keeping with the fantasy element. Sheeran is very soft-spoken even as he sings the line “and they scream.”    My favorite line of the song is: “The worst things in life come free to us.”
  16. Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson-I think where you stand on the corniness meter probably rests with this song. I think it’s heartfelt
  17. After Her, Dave Matthews Band-This is actually what eventually became the song “Satellite”
  18. American Girl, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  19. As, Stevie Wonder
  20. All I Need, Matchbox 20
  21. All My Life, Foo Fighters
  22. Annie Waits, Ben Folds-Folds is one of the few consistently interesting lyricists because he uses the medium to tell stories and he realizes that the best stories aren’t necessarily about himself. On its surface,  “Annie Waits” is another of Ben’s folksy yarns and the catchy piano riff is misleading as well. A girl named Annie is being stood up by a friend but this slightly unfortunate afternoon is indicative of a larger pattern of disappointment and loneliness. The song juxtaposes the ticking of Annie’s biological clock (“She’s getting old”) with the fact that it’s getting late on this particular afternoon. The tragic undertones are evident in everything from Annie’s worst-case-scenario daydreams (“Friday bingo, pigeons in the park”) to the way the headlights cast shadows that “pass her by and out of sight.” A second layer of the song is that whether she’s really lonely or not is based on the point of view of the narrator who happens to want her and therefore thinks that it is the end of the world for Annie that she’s being stood up. The twist is that maybe the narrator’s the lonely one. Also, I love the banging.
  23. Aquarius, Hair
  24. All-Star-Smashmouth-The lyrics are a bit sappy, but it’s been played so many times, that eventually i’ve gotten on baord, plus YouTube is obsessed with it
  25. Am I Wrong, Nico and Vinz