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Music: The Wake-Up Bomb: Songs You Now Hear Differently

My kids have spoiled a lot of music I used to love. For instance, once I was in the car and this popped up on my iPod:

I turned it up, digging the groove, and my teenagers reacted with outraged shrieks. “What the fuck? He’s singing about putting a woman in a CAGE? That’s just WRONG!!”

I tried to explain that it was just braggadocio, but they weren’t having it. “Sexual harassment, Mom.”

Then at Christmastime, I started playing this one because I love the duet:

Could I enjoy the delicate interplay of melodies and the call-and-response lyrics? I could not.

“Mom! This is about DATE RAPE!! Turn it OFF!!”

Don’t even get me started about how my daughter reacted when I played the Beatles’ “Run For Your Life”, with the immortal line “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man.” No matter how many times I told her that John stole the line from Elvis Presley’s “Baby Let’s Play House”, she still (rightly) pointed out that the song was all about insane jealousy and retribution.

Let me be clear: I agree with my kids on this one. Hey, I did a project for my Women’s Studies course in college all about sexism in rock, with recorded song excerpts (including “Run For Your Life”.) But nowadays, even songs I thought were relatively innocent have become land mines.

What songs have become more problematic for you since you became more woke?