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Trivia Tournament Update

Heyo, trivia players!

Just a quick update on the trivia tournament…

Yes, we will be continuing with it here at The New Place. For the benefit of new folks, or if you were linking to it through the The Old Place, here is the tournament link:

Congratulations to DarylLiedecke, who took the win for October! Also congratulations to JGoo, who took his fourth monthly win in September. Four! October was our eight month, that’s 50% of the monthly crowns. We bow at your feet, good sir.

Here is the remaining schedule for Saturday topics that we are currently working through:

  • Beverly Hills, 90210 – Holly Jolly Allison – Nov. 4th
  • John Hughes movies – sallgood man – Nov. 11th
  • The Beatles – The Clever Guy – Nov. 18th
  • Star Trek: TNG – JGoo – Nov. 25th
  • 80’s sitcoms – GenXered – Dec. 2nd
  • Hip Hop – The Prighlofone – Dec. 9th
  • Harry Potter – Owen1120 – Dec. 16th
  • Classic Rock – InnDEEEEED – Dec. 23rd
  • Terry Pratchett – Vyolynce – Dec. 30th

We’re booked up through to the end of the year. We’ll pick a new round of topics after New Year’s.

Tournament Link