Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 Reversal

To me, the writers never had a good grasp on a story line for the Original Laurel Lance on Arrow. She went from in-the-dark love interest in Season 1 to problem drunk in Season 2 to grieving sister/inexperienced hero in Season 3 to competent confidant to her team members and eventually dearly departed friend in Season 4. Canon shippers had to deal with the fact that the show was more interested in Sara’s Canary and Oliver and then Olicity than Oliver/Black Canary.

However, the introduction of Black Siren affords the show and actress Katie Cassidy with a more interesting version of Laurel to play with. So far this Laurel revels in chaos and evil. I’m sure the show will explore her backstory further so we’ll probably see the tragedy that made her the opposite of Original Laurel. For now however, let’s embrace this Laurel.

“Just as Oliver starts to get things in order, Black Siren launches another attack on the citizens of Star City.”



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