1984 Snubby Awards (and 1985 results)

Welcome back to the Snubby Awards! Nearly every category in 1985 ended up being a three-way race between unappreciated-in-its-time critical favorite Brazil, cult comedy classic Clue, and pinnacle of popcorn entertainment Back To the Future, with a few strong showings from classic teen comedy The Breakfast Club.

Clue (22 votes) handily won Best Cast over Future (17) and Breakfast (15). Lack of interest made Best Voicework a close race, with Caroll Spinney (5) winning for Follow That Bird, beating Brian Henson (Return To Oz) and Susan Sheridan (The Black Cauldron) by a single vote. And Best Stuntwork was a tie between the only two nominated films, Jackie Chan favorite Police Story, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. It’s the fifth Snubby for Chan, in nine nominations.

Back To the Future dominated Best Snubbed Supporting Actor, with Christopher Lloyd winning with 27 votes, handily beating costars Crispin Glover (12) and Tom Wilson (11). Madeline Kahn walked away with Best Snubbed Supporting Actress for Clue with 21 votes to 14 for Future‘s Lea Thompson. Tim Curry won a close Best Snubbed Actor race for Clue (21) over Brazil‘s Jonathan Pryce (18). And Ally Sheedy beat out co-star Molly Ringwald 17-7 with a Best Snubbed Actress win for The Breakfast Club.

Terry Gilliam walked away with Best Snubbed Director for Brazil, with 27 votes vs 16 for Robert Zemeckis (Future), and 9 for John Hughes (Breakfast). Brazil also won Best Snubbed Picture (23), beating out Future (16) and Kirosawa’s Ran (13), with Clue (9) and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (8) rounding out the nominees.

For a full list of nominees and votes from every year, check out the Snubbies Spreadsheet.

Now,  onto 1984! Amadeus cleaned up at the Oscars that year, but plenty of films were left behind. Let’s vote for the best ones! As always, upvote as many films or performances as you feel are deserving. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the appropriate category. Please limit discussion to the discussion threads, so as not to clutter the nomination threads. Top five vote-getters will be nominees. Next week we vote on nominees. Winners will get a gold statue of Spike Lee.

Now, for 1984, here are the Oscar nominees who are not eligible for a Snubby:

Best Picture
The Killing Fields
A Passage to India

Places in the Heart
A Soldier’s Story

Best Director
Milos Forman, Amadeus
Woody Allen, Broadway Danny Rose
Robert Benton, Places in the Heart
Roland Joffe, The Killing Fields
David Lean, A Passage to India

Best Actress
Sally Field, Places in the Heart
Judy Davis, A Passage to India
Jessica Lange, Country
Vanessa Redgrave, The Bostonians
Sissy Spasek, The River

Best Actor
F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus
Jeff Bridges, Starman
Albert Finney, Under the Volcano
Tom Hulce, Amadeus
Sam Waterston, The Killing Fields

Best Supporting Actress
Peggy Ashcroft, A Passage to India
Glenn Close, The Natural
Lindsay Crouse, Places in the Heart
Christine Lahti, Swing Shift
Geraldine Page, The Pope of Greenwich Village

Best Supporting Actor
Haing S. Ngor, The Killing Fields
Adolph Caesar, A Soldier’s Story
John Malkovich, Places in the Heart
Noriyuki Pat Morita, The Karate Kid
Ralph Richardson, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan