Werewolves 43: Witch Trials – Day Six

Steven Mello had been in this timeline long enough. It was time to get back home. It turned out this place and time doesn’t even have money to scam off of them, turns out they just kill you for no reason around here.

He turned on his flashlight and began to creep through the dark woods. The flashlight was running low on juice. His first stop would have to be a Radio Shack for some batteries. He pushed aside some carefully arranged camo netting, and there it was: his time machine.

“Let’s hope this thing still works!” he said. He grabbed the cord and pulled. On the fifth attempt, the machine sputtered to life. “Hell yeah!” he said, “Time to get out of this hellhole!”

He took a seat at the controls and set the dial to 1988. The Radio Shack would be at this spot around then, and there’d be a liquor store not far off.

The moment he went to flip the switch to engage, he was suddenly sideswiped by what must have been a very large chicken of some kind. A whole flock of them jumped on him out of seemingly nowhere, knocking him out of his seat.

As the velociraptors tore him anachronistically to pieces, Steven Mello’s time machine left without him for 1988.

Steven Mello/Mello Yello Enthusiast has died. He was a Colonist.


Starting Roles
10 Colonists (Vanilla Town) – No special powers. Town-aligned.
2 Adulterers (Lovers) – Share a private QT. Town-aligned
1 Minister (Cop) – Investigate the alignment of one player per night, results are WITCH and NOT A WITCH. Town-aligned.
1 Magistrate (Jailer) – Select a player each night to both shield from night actions and prevent from enacting their actions. Town-aligned
3 Witches (Werewolves) – Share a private chat room with the Devil. Collectively, they select a player each night to kill. Scum-aligned.
1 Devil (one-shot witch recruiter) – Same as witches above, plus a one-time recruitment. Scum-aligned.
1 Crazed Zealot (Serial Killer) – Selects one player per night to kill. Unaligned.

Rule Clarifications:
– If any number of witches is alive and free to act, they can still carry out their night kill, even if one of them is jailed. The Devil’s recruitment requires the Devil to be alive and free to act.
– The Devil and the Witches would turn up as WITCH on a cop’s investigation. All others turn up NOT A WITCH.
– A tie at the end of day results in No Lynch. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Lynch) ends the day early.
If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and I will answer publicly here.

The Players
SewerRatPumpkinPie – witch
HolsGG – colonist
Admirax – lover
Colonel Mustard – minister
Smapti Jones – crazed zealot
BrittaBot – magistrate
David S. PUUUUUUUUmpkins
Grumproro – witch
Capt.LindsayMonsterFück – colonist
subsaharan – the devil
the good king pluggerwumps – colonist
Mello Yello Enthusiast – colonist
Captain Video – lover
Plague Doctor Nick – colonist
Zeckhost – colonist