Scott OT #1: Boogie Night Thread

(Yes, I’m renumbering my OTs over here. It’s like a comic book relaunch.)

The movie Boogie Nights is back in the news, thanks to Mark Wahlberg hoping God can forgive him for starring in it. Yes, playing a porn star is something to ask God’s forgiveness for and not violent hate crimes. Anyways, I decided to do an LN Thread on it because:

A.) It’s one of my favorite movies.


B.) It has “Night” in the title, so it’d make a good pun title.


Boogie Nights is the tale of Eddie Adams (played by Wahlberg), a high school dropout living with his abusive parents. One day, he meets porn director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) and, after spying his 17-inch dick, offers him a job as a porn star. He jumps at the chance, rechristening himself Dirk Diggler.


He quickly makes friends with the other porn stars in Horner’s stable, Amber Waves (Julianne Moore), Rollergirl (Heather Graham), Buck Swope (Don Cheadle) and especially Reed Rothchild (John C. Reilly). They’re on top of the world, making hit movies, fucking, and doing drugs! Then the ’70s end and everything goes to shit.


Dirk spirals into cocaine addiction, which makes him unable to perform sexually. This leads him to quit and try and become a rock star, bringing Reed and boom mic operator Scotty (who has an unrequited crush on Dirk) (Philip Seymour Hoffman) with him. His singing is… fucking terrible. He’s soon reduced to jerking off in front of people for pay. Amber is troubled with child custody issues, with her ex using her job as a porn star to claim she’s an unfit mother. Rollergirl is haunted with the fact that she didn’t complete school and is mocked by her former classmates for it. Buck wants to start a stereo-equipment store but is denied loans because of his porn star past. And Jack is hit with a double whammy: the rise of VHS deals a death blow to his desire to shoot porn on film and his primary financier Col. James (Robert Ridgely) is revealed to be a child pornographer. In a last ditch attempt to make money, Dirk, Reed, and their associate Todd Parker (Thomas Jane) conspire to scam drug dealer Rahad Jackson (Alfred Molina). It soon goes tits up and Dirk hits rock bottom.


Boogie Nights is an absolutely brilliant movie. All of the actors are great (especially Julianne Moore) and Paul Thomas Anderson’s direction is amazing. The botched drug scam scene in particular is a masterclass in direction. For most people, this would be their best movie… and this is PTA’s weakest film in my opinion! (NOTE: I haven’t seen Hard Eight yet.) It’s a remake of PTA’s short film The Dirk Diggler Story, which he made in high school. Michael Stein played Dirk in that and has a cameo in this.


The film is heavily inspired by real elements from the porn industry in the corresponding time frame. Dirk Diggler is heavily inspired by John Holmes. He too had an overly long dick and a cocaine addiction that prevented him from performing. The botched drug scam is heavily inspired by the bloody Wonderland robbery, that Holmes was involved with. Amber Waves’ custody battle is heavily based on real life porn star Veronica Hart’s same struggles. Hart even has a cameo playing the judge presiding over her case.


Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.