Werewolf XL: Totally ’80s, Day One: Somebody’s Watching Me

So, like, all you wanted to do was skateboard down to Twin Pines Mall and check out some of the new stores, which you’ve heard are totally boss. Some of the chow in the food court is supposed to be bitchin’, too. But once you get there, something kind of bogus goes down. Earth is, like, passing through the tail of a comet or whatever, and Colonel Mustard from the local army base has barricaded all the exits. He tells you that in order to not get fried or zombified, you’re stuck here until those eggheads at NASA give the all-clear.

You can take as many chill pills as you like, but there’s more bad news. Those Rich Blonde Jerks who think they’re better than everyone else were slumming it at Twin Pines in disguise. They’re hoping to make a development deal to bulldoze your beloved mall and the community center next door, and now they’re trapped here with you. They may have bodacious bods, but they’ve also seized the opportunity to knock off you grody Mallrats who are standing in the way of them turning a tidy profit.

Try not to have a cow. Nobody’s coming to help you. If you wanna get out of here alive, you’re going to have to take down those Rich Blonde Jerks yourselves. After all, you’re ‘80s Mallrats. You can do anything. Psych!

6 Mallrats (Vanilla Town)
4 Gnarly Mallrats (Town with Roles – see below)
4 Rich Blonde Jerks (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Gnarly Rich Blonde Jerk (Wolf with Role – see below)

General Rules:

The game is divided into Day and Night phases. During the Day, all players will meet in an open thread that I will post. By the end of the Day (called Twilight), decide on a player to vote for, if any. A player who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be lynched.

During the Night, all players with powers will submit their targets’ names in their personal QTs. At the same time, the Wolves will meet in their own group QT to decide on a target for their Night kill.

Town’s goal is to eliminate all the Wolves. The Wolves’ goal is to eliminate Town, or reduce their numbers to the point where it becomes impossible for Town to eliminate the Wolves.

Please make at least a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six minimum). Non-participation may get you lynched, or worse, replaced.

Special Roles and Rules:

Roles (there will be one each of the following):

RoboCop (Town): A traditional role (Cop). RoboCop submits a name each Night to test that person’s alignment, which will be returned as [Mallrat] or [Rich Blonde Jerk].

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Town): A traditional role (Witch). Elvira has two one-shot (once-per-game) Night powers. She is told the target of the Wolves’ kill, and may act to save them. She may also target another player for a Night kill.

Teen Wolf (Town): Though the Teen Wolf is a member of Town, he will show up on RoboCop’s alignment tests as a Wolf.

Infomercial Psychic (Town): The Infomercial Psychic may, if she wishes, submit a suspected Wolf’s name at Night. If she’s right, the Wolf dies overnight. If she’s wrong, she will die overnight.

William Zabka (Wolf): A traditional role (Role-Blocker). William Zabka submits a name at Night. If that person has a role, their power will be blocked, and will not go through.


1) You are not the only people trapped at Twin Pines Mall. There are NPCs roaming the halls along with you. These Mallrats should be considered Vanilla Town. They cannot be voted for, and they cannot be targeted for Night kills. They’re a conformist bunch, and indecision bugs them. If Twilight is reached due to time limit (as opposed to an auto-lynch), these anonymous Mallrats will vote in any non-voters’ place. Their vote will go to a random player.

2) If the vote is tied at Twilight (including if NPC Mallrats have caused a tie), a random player (chosen from all living players) will be lynched.

3) If the Teen Wolf is role-blocked by William Zabka, he will appear to RoboCop as a normal Mallrat.

4) Some games have hidden rules and roles. This is not one of them. What you see is what you get.

A default Vanilla Town QT will look like this:

Like, oh my God, [so-and-so]! Where’s the Beef? You are a Mallrat (Vanilla Town). Your only power is your vote. You win when the Rich Blonde Jerks have been eliminated, even if you’re dead. Radical!

Day One Reminders:

The Wolves know each other and share a private chat. Everyone else does not know who each other are, or who the Wolves are, and can generally only communicate on the open game thread.

A player’s faction and role will be revealed upon death. Dead players should not discuss the game in the open thread (though they can say good-bye as they head for that giant, free arcade in the sky). Dead players will also get a link to The Graveyard, where they can discuss the ongoing game.

You vote by replying to the very first comment, appropriately titled VOTE THREAD. To find it, sort comments by oldest. To change or withdraw your vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT ANY VOTE. Only votes posted as a reply to the official VOTE THREAD will count.

You may also choose not to vote for anybody, in which case ignore the vote thread. Or you can cast a “No lynch” vote if your conscious choice is to not lynch anybody. If the vote is tied at Twilight (end of day), a random player will be lynched.

DO NOT EDIT POSTS. Sorry you misspelled a word or made a coding snafu, but it’s here to stay. NO editing allowed. Read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you mod-killed, and nobody wants that.

DO NOT QUOTE OR POST A SCREENSHOT FROM A QT TO THE MAIN DAY THREADS. You are free to make claims about your powers and allegiance on the open thread, but those claims will not be confirmed or denied by the moderator.

Day One (and most typical Days) will last 24 hours, or until a majority vote is reached. A typical Night will last 12 hours. Day/Night lengths may be adjusted if necessary.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, feel free to ask them in your personal QT. Please note that you are encouraged to ask questions about the rules of the game, how your powers work, and whatever else comes to mind. Check your QTs often!

Role-playing is encouraged, but not required. Attack arguments, not people. And above all else, have fun!


1) The Bill McNeal / Peter Peltzer
2) Grumproro / Heather
3) Smapti Jones / Chad Jones
4) RiverSong / Melody Pond
5) PlatypusBasileus / Augustus O’Brian
6) LibraryLass / Natalie DuKane
7) A Dopehead in a Cubs Cap / Cocaine Bot
8) Pulprobot / Matt
9) Dr. Nick / Nicolas Preston
10) Talky Tina
11) MacCrocodile / Mac Crocodile
12) Lovely Bones / Kira
13) Indy
14) forget_it_jake / Rina Watts
15) TCRM / Eyeball Jones

Day One ends on Wednesday, September 6 at 11AM EST, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.