Werewolf 39 – The Pnakotic Party – Day 5

The cultists had claimed one prize, and for their next target, they put her sister right alongside her.

Lindsay was a mere Partygoer (Vanilla Town).

The killer took Indy’s life.

Indy was a mere Partygoer (Vanilla Town).

Day 5 will end at 6pm PST on September 5th.


1. Lindsayfunke (Vanilla Town)
2. Owen1120 (Vanilla Town)
3. Forget_it_jake
4. Cuttles (Doctor)
6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
7. MacCrocodile (Vanilla Town)
8. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Vanilla Town)
9. Zecko
10. HolsGG
11. Smapti Jones
12. Subsaharan (Werewolf)
13. Shipwreck El Marinero (Vanilla Town)
14. Spiny Creature
15. BrittaBot
16. TCRM (Vanilla Town/Yithian Watcher?)
17. Creeper (Vanilla Town)
18. Flaxon Jackson
19. Candide Lindsayfunke (Vanilla Town)
20. RalphWaldoWiggum

4 3 Grim Cultists (Werewolves)
1 Mad Soul (Serial Killer)
1 Agent of the BOI / Bureau of Investigation (Undercover Cop)
1 Miskatonic University Scholar (Doctor)
13 10 8 6 4 Partygoers (Vanilla Town)

Role-playing will be highly encouraged, but not mandatory. I picked the era and setting for a reason; let’s have some fun with it!