Werewolf XXXVI Day 2: The Odeon

Werewolf game hosted by Spiny Creature

The events of yesterday’s assembly weighed heavy on young Alcandros’s heart. Ostracism was a time-honored solution to all sorts of conflicts. It only happened once a year! How could it be that the people had used their chance on a simple shepherd? Was democracy… not all it was cracked up to be?

Alcandros wasn’t made for such questions. Cracking open a cold one and shouldering his lute, he walked down to the Odeon of Athens. Technically he hadn’t gotten any gigs at the city’s most ancient and prestigious venue, yet, but he was making a real splash as a busker.

As Alcandros sat on the ground outside the music hall and began to play a frankly panty-dropping tune, a familiar figure approached him.

“Oh, hey!” said Alcandros. “It’s you! From the assembly!”

“Yes,” said the figure. “A shame about the ostracism. I didn’t get a chance to tell you back there, but… I’m actually Athens’s hottest part-time musical / theatrical agent. I was very impressed by what I heard today.”

“Really?! I mean – thanks. Always nice to meet a fan,” said Alcandros.

“Yes,” said the figure. “Also, it was quite seductive. You must do very well at parties. Would you like to head into that alley so we can talk about your sex appeal, and how it relates to your future career?”

Alcandros eagerly followed the figure into an alley, from which he would never emerge.

Alcandros, follower of Apollo is dead. He was a Citizen.

9 Citizens (Vanilla Town)
4 Conspiring Oligarchs (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Oracle of Delphi (True Investigator; Town)
1 False Seer (False Investigator; Town)

Updated Game Rules
1. The 9 Citizens do not know anyone else’s roles. They may be sent investigation results from either the Oracle or the False Seer.

2. The Conspiring Oligarchs know who each other are, but not who the Oracle or False Seer are. They choose one player to kill per night. They may be sent results by either the Oracle or the False Seer.

3. The Oracle of Delphi chooses one player to investigate per night. That player’s alignment will be sent to a randomly-selected player.

The Oracle will not receive the results of her investigation, but will be told who they were sent to.

4. The False Seer is a Citizen, and will appear as such if investigated by the Oracle. The Seer does not know who the Oligarchs are. However, the Seer has traitorous intentions, and only wins if the Oligarchs win. Each night the Seer chooses one player to “investigate”, and a lie about that player’s alignment is sent to a randomly-selected player.

The False Seer will not receive the results of their “investigation”, but will be told who they were sent to.

5. Upon death, both the Oracle and the False Seer will simply be listed as Town, and their role will not be revealed.

6. The Oracle of Delphi enjoys the protection of Lady Themis. If a player falsely reports the contents of a result they received from the Oracle, Themis will strike them dead at Twilight. (They may, however, pretend not to have received a result.)

7. The False Seer enjoys the protection of Dolos, god of deceit. The first nightkill attempt that is made on the False Seer will fail if it occurs on Night 1 or 2.

8. Only wolves and vanilla townies who are alive the next morning are eligible to receive investigation results. In addition, players are not eligible to receive investigation results about themselves.

9. If the Oracle or False Seer is nightkilled, their investigation result from that night will still be sent to a player.

Rules for Players
No editing or deleting for any reason; no quoting or screenshotting QT; vote only in the vote thread; have fun yada yada.

1. Flaxon Jackson (Harmonia, follower of Hera)
2. forget_it_jake (Anteia, follower of Athena)
3. MacCrocodile (Alector, follower of Ares)
4. El Marinero (Patrobas, follower of Poseidon)
5. subsaharan (Haemon, follower of Hades)
6. lindsayfunke (Dorothea, follower of Demeter)
7. Owen1120 (Hyrcanus, follower of Hermes)
8. Admirax (Hilara, follower of Hestia)
9. HolsGG (Althea, follower of Aphrodite)
10. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Aithra, follower of Artemis)
11. BannerThief (Alcandros, follower of Apollo) – Citizen
12. InnDEEEEEEED (Priam, follower of Pan) – Citizen
13. Hegel Exercises (Zenodoros, follower of Zeus)
14. Colonel Mustard (Damon, follower of Dionysus)
15. Zecko (Hektor, follower of Hephaestus)

Day 2 will end tomorrow, Tuesday at 8PM EST unless a majority is reached early.
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