Werewolf XXXVI Day 1: The Pnyx

Werewolf game hosted by Spiny Creature

Χαίρετε! Χαίρετε! If everyone could settle down for a moment, please…

I am, as you all obviously know, Atalanta, a prominent citizen and councilwoman. I have been so ever since Athens granted women full and equal rights, which is a definitely real historical event that was not made up for convenience’s sake and you should not attempt to Google!

As we all know, but I will nonetheless explain, we have gathered here today on the Pnyx – the hill where the city assembly convenes – to conduct our annual ostracism.

“What is an ostracism?”, a foreigner unaccustomed to our ways might ask. Obviously no such presence is here in our ekklesia, but for some reason, I’ll answer their hypothetical question anyway.

Ostracism is our annual procedure in which we all vote to banish one wealthy citizen who gained too much power and runs the risk of becoming tyrannical.

We, obviously, vote to banish such a person from Athens for the next ten years, on pain of death should they attempt to return, by casting shards of broken pottery, which we call ostraka. Obviously!


With that out of the way, let us – oh, hang on, I’ve just been handed something by this scribe.

Huh. This note on precious imported papyrus says “I am Pythia, sacred oracle at Delphi, voice of Apollo and reader of all the gods’ knowledge. I attest that in the vapor, I saw that four conspiring oligarchs plot to overthrow this government and return Athens to the rule of the few and the wealthy.

I also saw that a false seer with no love for democracy is here in this city, and will plot to sow distrust and discredit my messages. For this reason I have come here in person, cleverly disguised.”

Huh. Well… I suppose we should vote to banish one of those four people, then. Whoever they may be. …Get to debating?

Begin Day 1.

9 Citizens (Vanilla Town)
4 Conspiring Oligarchs (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Oracle of Delphi (True Investigator; Town)
1 False Seer (False Investigator; Town)

Game Rules
1. The 9 Citizens do not know anyone else’s roles. Each day, they may be sent an investigation result from either the Oracle or the False Seer.

2. The Conspiring Oligarchs know who each other are, but not who the Oracle or False Seer are. They choose one player to kill per night. If they attempt to kill the False Seer on Night 1 or Night 2, their attempt will fail. They may be sent results by either the Oracle or the False Seer.

3. The Oracle of Delphi chooses one player to investigate per night. That player’s alignment (Citizen or Oligarch) will be sent to a randomly-selected player.

The Oracle will not receive the results of her investigation, but will be told who they were sent to.

4. The False Seer is a Citizen, and does not know who the Oligarchs are. However, the Seer has traitorous intentions, and only wins if the Oligarchs win. Each night the Seer chooses one player to “investigate”, and a lie about that player’s alignment (Citizen if they are an Oligarch, Oligarch if they are a Citizen) is sent to a randomly-selected player.

The False Seer will not receive the results of their “investigation”, but will be told who they were sent to.

5. Upon death, both the Oracle and the False Seer will simply be listed as Town, and their role will not be revealed.

Rules for Players
No editing or deleting for any reason; no quoting or screenshotting QT; vote only in the vote thread; have fun yada yada.

Sample Vanilla Town Message
Χαῖρε, [name]! You are [Blank, follower of Blank], and you are a Citizen (Vanilla Town).

1. Flaxon Jackson (Harmonia, follower of Hera)
2. forget_it_jake (Anteia, follower of Athena)
3. MacCrocodile (Alector, follower of Ares)
4. El Marinero (Patrobas, follower of Poseidon)
5. subsaharan (Haemon, follower of Hades)
6. lindsayfunke (Dorothea, follower of Demeter)
7. Owen1120 (Hyrcanus, follower of Hermes)
8. Admirax (Hilara, follower of Hestia)
9. HolsGG (Althea, follower of Aphrodite)
10. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Aithra, follower of Artemis)
11. BannerThief (Alcandros, follower of Apollo)
12. InnDEEEEEEED (Priam, follower of Pan)
13. Hegel Exercises (Zenodoros, follower of Zeus)
14. Colonel Mustard (Damon, follower of Dionysus)
15. Zecko (Hektor, follower of Hephaestus)

Day 1 will end tomorrow, Monday at 2PM EST unless a majority is reached early.