Werewolf 218: Adventure Time – Day 4: BMO Noire

Note: These headers are merely for flavor and do not necessarily reflect how a player was killed or which players are in the game or no longer in the game.

With obvious effort, Private Eye BMO managed to climb all the way up to the top pantry shelf. Pushing a box aside, BMO laid eyes on the grape juice container – the still sealed grape juice container.

Just as I thought, BMO mused. Not even opened. I fell right into his trap.

With that the pantry door slammed shut, plunging the tight space into complete and total darkness.

“Let me out, you!” BMO exclaimed, jumping down to the floor and proceeding to bang a fist against the door. “I will get you! Piece of you, Ronnie!”

Mere seconds later the door was flung wide open, sending the little game console/investigator clattering face first to the ground with a startled “oomph!” Levering themselves up on their hands, BMO glanced up – and straight into the eyes of a white-and-black spotted cat.

“Oh,” BMO said, relieved. “Officer Davis! Thank goodness! I -”

“BMO,” the cat interrupted (in an oddly BMO-sounding voice). “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for Finn socks, same as you,” BMO replied.

“We got this under control.” The cat officer licked its paw nonchalantly. “Stay out of police business or you will be the one behind bars.”

Disappointed, BMO’s face fell as the cat sauntered away. Was this it? The end of the line? Could the matter of the missing sock truly be left up to the authorities?

No! BMO thought, clenching their fists. This is too important. It’s all up to BMO to solve the case! It was time to talk to…Lorraine.

While BMO was hunting for Finn’s sock, there was something else going on at the treehouse. Someone had broken in through Finn and Jake’s bedroom window and had gotten their hands on the Enchiridion, that ancient tome of heroic knowledge that Finn cherished more than almost any of his other possessions! Their spoils in stow, the figure returned to the window and reached for their climbing rope. At that exact moment the pantry door slammed shut, startling the figure and sending them tumbling down to the ground.

April has died. He was Vanilla Town and had the Enchiridion. It now passes to its new owner.


7 Citizens of Ooo (Town)

4 Enemies of Ooo (Wolves)


Citizens of Ooo (Town)

Enemies of Ooo (Wolves)

  • Night Kill: Each night the wolves will decide among themselves as to who will carry out the Night Kill. The same wolf cannot be chosen two nights in a row (unless only one wolf remains).
  • Additional Night Kill: Once during the game the wolves may choose to name a player and their guess for that player’s role. If they are correct, a kill action will be initiated against that player in addition to the wolves’ normal kill action. One wolf will have to be chosen to carry out this action. It can be the same wolf that is carrying out the normal night kill action, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Lich or Gumbald (Serial Killer)

  • The Serial Killer will be given two role choices:
The Lich: Each night you must kill one player. You cannot be Night Killed. To win, you must be in possession of the Enchiridion at any point after Night 4.Gumbald: Each night you must give one player a Sugar Bomb. That player can choose at some point during the next day to pass the bomb to another player, who is then stuck with it, or to keep it. The bomb goes off at the next Twilight and kills the player in possession of it. If the bomb is passed back to you, you will not die but your role will be publicly revealed. You win when you have successfully killed four people in this manner.
The Enchiridion and the King of Ooo

The Enchiridion

  • An ancient tome of heroic knowledge, this book starts by default in the possession of Finn or Billy. If neither are present at the start of the game, it will be given to a Town player at random.
  • If you are in possession of the Enchiridion, Night Actions (except the Serial Killer’s night action) targeting you have a 25% chance of failing.
  • Plays a central role in The Lich’s win condition.
  • When the book’s owner is killed, it passes to the owner’s killer. (If the owner is Day Killed, it will pass to one of their voters chosen at random.)

King of Ooo

Prior to Day 1 (during the drafting phase), there was a public vote to elect the King of Ooo. The King of Ooo, in addition to the abilities of their main role, has the power to break ties. If the King of Ooo is killed, ties will be decided by RNG.

Finn the Human: Each night you may target a player. If that player is a Wolf, they will be prevented from performing any actions that night. If the player is Town and would be killed by a night action, you die instead. Starts with the Enchiridion by default. Can only be chosen by Town.Billy: One time during the day you can publicly announce you are challenging target player. Only you and the target player can be voted for during that day. Starts with the Enchiridion by default.
Jake the Dog: Once during the game you can target a dead player and permanently assume their role abilities as long as such a role would have been selectable by a member of your faction.Jermaine: Once per night, you must choose a player, protecting them from kills and blocking any actions they have. Cannot target yourself. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.
Ice King: When you die, pass your crown to a surviving player of your choice. That player immediately loses their current role abilities and becomes Ice Thing, identical to Ice King but without the ability to pass on the crown, and joins the Wolves. Can only be chosen by a Wolf. Simon Petrikov: Each night you may target a dead player and receive a copy of all night action feedback messages received by that player. Can only be chosen by Town.
Tree Trunks: You start the game with a pie and always have one. Each night, you must give a pie to a player of your choice. If every living player in the game has a pie, you all win the game, regardless of alignment.NEPTR: Each night, you must give a pie to a player of your choice. Your pies do nothing.
Golb: Each night you may choose a player. If the targeted player is not Vanilla and not the Serial Killer and you are not blocked, targeted player will become Vanilla and lose their role abilities. Once successful this action cannot be used again.Prismo: Each night you choose two players. Those players will be able to chat privately with each other until the next Twilight. At least one of the chosen players cannot be the same on consecutive Twilights.
Princess Bubblegum: After Twilight is called but before the Day Kill is announced, you can decide to override the Day Kill and choose someone else to kill. This ability can only be used once. Peppermint Butler: Each night you must target two players. Any Night Actions targeting the first player will be redirected to the second player. You can choose yourself as one of the targets but you cannot target the same players in the same order on consecutive nights.
BMO: Each night you may target a player to learn their role. The Serial Killer detects as Vanilla. Lady Rainicorn: Each night you may target a player to learn their alignment. The Serial Killer detects as Town.
Maja the Sky Witch: If you would be Night Killed, you will instead survive until the next Twilight and then die.Doctor Princess: You may target a player each Night. If that player would be killed that Night, they instead will survive until the next Twilight and then die. At that point you will lose this ability. You cannot target yourself and you cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.
Magic Man: The first time you become the target of a night action, the action is nullified and you may then use that action yourself (subject to the same rules as the original actor) the following night. Betty Grof: Shares a chat with Simon Petrikov if he is in the game, and if one of the pair dies they both die. If Simon is not present at the start of the game, you assume the role abilities of Magic Man instead. Can only be chosen by Town.
Marceline the Vampire Queen: On a Night of your choice you may kill target player. If the player dies and had a role selectable by your faction, you gain that role’s ability. If the role’s ability was a one-time use ability that had already been used, you will not be able to use it again. If the kill fails you can try again another night. Hunson Abadeer: Each night you may target a player of your choice. That player’s role will be swapped with an undrafted role chosen at random among the roles selectable by their faction. Once successful this ability cannot be used again. It will fail if the Serial Killer is targeted.
Choose Goose: Each night you must target one player of your choice – including yourself – and require them to make at least three posts entirely in rhyme the following day.Abracadaniel: Each night you must target a player. Targeted player will receive confirmation that you are Town. Can only be chosen by Town.  
Flame Princess: If you are night killed, your killer will also die. Cannot kill the Serial Killer in this manner.Huntress Wizard: Each night you must target a player. You will be notified of any player that the targeted player uses a night action on that night. You cannot target the same player on consecutive nights.
Lemongrab: At night you may submit a list of four player names. The following day it will be announced that only those four players can be voted for. If you are a wolf, you must include at least one wolf’s name in the list. This ability can only be used once. Lumpy Space Princess (LSP): Each Night you will be informed of any players who targeted you that Night, although you won’t be told their role, alignment, or the nature of their action.
Win Conditions

Town Win Condition: All wolves are eliminated.

Wolves Win Condition: The number of surviving Town players is equal to or less than the number of surviving Wolves.

Serial Killer Win Condition: They must be in possession of the Enchiridion at any point after Night 4 (The Lich) or they have successfully killed four people using Sugar Bombs (Gumbald).

Tree Trunks Win Condition (if present): Every remaining living player has a pie.


Players (in draft order with chosen draft numbers)

1. Narrowstrife – 1 Flame Princess (Town)
2. Nate the Lesser – 12
3. MSD – 13
4. Raven and Rose – 14 Lady Rainicorn (Town)
5. Grumproro – 15
6. Jam Moritarty – 74 Marceline the Vampire Queen (Wolf)
7. Josephus Brown – 4
8. Sheltermed – 4 Jake the Dog (Town)
9. Eleanor – 5
10. Sic Humor – 5 Abracadaniel (Town)
11. The Widow Queequeg – 10
12. Cork – 10
13. (Stars) They Come and Go – 6 The Lich (Serial Killer)
14. April – 6 Vanilla Town
15. Goat – 6 Vanilla Town
16. Copy – 6
17. Moolissa – 8 Lumpy Space Princess (Town)
18. Ralph – 8 (KING OF OOO)
19. Lindsay – 8
20. Side Character – 8


  • Kim in the Hall
  • Hoho

Additional Rules

  • Ties of greater than four players at Twilight will result in the activation of a mushroom bomb that will kill all players. That would not be algebraic.
  • You must vote at least once at least an hour before Twilight. (Voting ‘no vote’ counts.) You can still change your vote up until Twilight. Not complying with this rule will result in your vote not counting.
  • No quoting or screencapping from Discord.
  • You cannot edit any of your posts.
  • Night Action Order of Operations: Redirecting > Blocking > Jailing > Tracking > Investigating > Role Swapping > Killing > Vanillaizing

Day Four will end on Monday, November 20, at 9:00 PM EST/8:00 PM CST/6:00 PM PST.