The Thursday Women’s+ Thread Discusses Maintenance

Hi all,

The survey is still running if you would like to participate and thank you for the many responses so far!

Some guidelines to help this space be a positive experience for everyone:

Anyone who either identifies as female or has firsthand experience with the issues being discussed, is welcome to post. If you identify as cis-male, we ask that you please set your participation to “lurk” mode, unless explicitly invited to participate further.  This includes upvotes. We ask cis-men to keep their upvotes to commenters who voluntarily add a “+up” to their comments, and only those comments.

This is a safe space: a space for us to come together as we are. All of our wants, needs, thoughts, feelings, experiences, losses, successes etc. are welcome. We are here to support each other during trying times and grief, as well as to celebrate each other. You belong here. Your contributions are valid and valued. This is the space for us to be ourselves, whatever state it may be that we find ourselves in. It is okay to be angry, happy, sad, disgusted, overjoyed, pensive. It is okay to be in need. We are here to support each other.

As such please do your best to be mindful of others’ experiences when commenting or posing questions for the group. Our identity is Legion and contains multitudes, and not everyone who has experience with being treated as female by society identifies as female. Furthermore, racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientation, and many other factors can change how one experiences their gender identity on a day-to-day basis.

Don’t feel compelled to share beyond your comfort level. 

Any contribution/rant/thought experiment is always welcome.

Optional Prompt: Shared Tasks (or tasks that should be shared but aren’t because…). What’s your relationship to chores and maintenance? Any tasks you particularly enjoy or just refuse to do. If you work in an office or other communal space how are tasks maintaining that space split up. Do you think it is done fairly or do you find the burden more often falls on you. Any frustrations or joys to share?