Disabled People’s Discussion

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Hello and welcome to the weekly thread for Disabled Avocados! If you are not disabled, we ask that you just lurk & upvote.

The other rules:

–If you consider yourself disabled, you are welcome. Temporarily disabled as well as permanently. Diagnosed or not, visible or invisible disability, mental or intellectual or physical disability, this thread is for you.

–No ableist language, including “crazy” or “stupid.” Unless you are talking about your internal thoughts about yourself, in which case we ask that you warn and use spoiler text for this language.

–Do not police other peoples’ disability/ies or tell them they are not “really” disabled.

–Remember that the disability community is intersectional – there are disabled people who belong to other minorities as well, such as black, LGBTQ+, etc. As such, please do not say things about how disabled people have it “harder” than some other disability.

–If you are going to talk about thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please warn & spoiler.

–Do not talk about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in positive terms. Autistic people do not consider it beneficial, and in fact many consider it abusive.

Recently in Disability News: In the U.S., there is a bipartisan proposal in Congress to raise the asset limits for people getting Supplemental Security Income to $10,000 per person / $20,000 for a couple. Here’s an article with 5 reasons why this should be passed:


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