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Tuesday’s politics thread is present and accounted for.

That’s about it. I think there’s some Nordic language answer to the question “How are you today?” Which is “Alive and lot crying.” That’s me. That’s good enough, Ham.

From Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney, and Politico

Trump asks judge overseeing Jan. 6 prosecution to step aside

The former president is seeking the recusal of Judge Tanya Chutkan, alleging that her past comments about his responsibility for the riot at the Capitol show bias.


Ken Paxton’s impeachment hearing reported from The Texas Tribune

Ken Paxton tried to hide his affair from his wife and voters. It may be his undoing.

The impeachment trial that starts Tuesday is expected to center on Paxton’s infidelity, and could air out the sordid details of the staunch, Christian conservative’s life as he sits just yards away from his wife, and her 30 Senate colleagues.


The Idiot wants Judge Chutkan to recuse herself, from CBS

Trump asks Judge Tanya Chutkan to recuse herself in Jan. 6 case

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump want a new judge in his 2020 election interference case.

In a filing Monday, they argued that Judge Tanya Chutkan should recuse herself from the case for previous statements they say give the appearance of bias. They did not outright accuse Chutkan of being biased against Trump, but highlighted statements they claimed “create a perception of prejudgment incompatible with our justice system.”


There’s my three. Do your thing. Yesterday was a tough day for me, probably true for a lot of folks. So let’s all remember that and treat everyone (including ourselves) with some grace and kindness.

And throw away the crap in your car, if you have one. SheleetaMan is the best and threw out a bunch of stuff in mine because he knows I’m having a tough time lately (that’s another story for another time), but it took him all of ten minutes. I could have done that. I appreciate him doing it though.

If you need a laugh, we’ve watched this about a hundred times. Totally SFW. All the little girl says is “Can I pet that dawg?”