American Dad! Season 20 Episode 11 “A Little Mystery”

In which Jeff finds a friend, then not

Jeff as a character is almost always one that needs Hayley or another Smith to bounce off of (Lost in Space not withstanding, although his actions were heavily influenced by Hayley). As an audience, these days we know nothing about Jeff’s life outside of Hayley’s life, mostly. Does Jeff have friends? Even Klaus has his boys. As it turns out, according to this episode, Jeff does not.

Jeff and Hayley are out to dinner when their conversation reveals that Jeff doesn’t have much of a life outside of Hayley. He knows a lot about meercats (they aren’t mere cats) but little else. Hayley resolves to help Jeff make friends. After a disastrous start where he’s thought of as a pervert and/or weirdo he seemingly finds a friend. However, its revealed that Hayley is paying that guy to be his friend. He’s going to break it off but he’s found murdered soon after a visit with Jeff.

Hayley becomes suspicious that Jeff is the murderer after a conversation with Roger. She starts investigating (after having sex with him even if he is a murderer) and soon discovers it is Jeff’s acquaintance at the wild west photography store murdering people in order to be Jeff’s only friend. She tries to warn Jeff but is struck by a car develops amnesia. Hayley and Jeff bond over Jeff’s stupid interests. Eventually Hayley’s memory comes back after a flashbulb goes off while visiting Colby’s photo studio. She runs away and eventually Colby is run over by Roger and taken away by the police. The happy couple is back and both satisfied with their lives.

Over on the B-Plot, Francine decides to break the world record for longest fingernails after the current record holder dies. She decides to take prenatal vitamins that she skipped out on with Steve (it’s why his bones are so brittle). When the date for the judging of the record is moved up, she decides to mainline the drugs through an IV. She gets to the competition but the nails get destroyed. It all works out fine because she grows a horn instead and wins a record for that.

Stray Observations

  • Roger’s persona at the restaurant was Dan Ansome Handsome although no one calls him that. That’s why he’s still able to go home with his date.

Final thoughts Solid if unremarkable episode here. B-Plot was funny but short. A-Plot kind of all over the place in terms of narrative.