WW 214: Psych Day 1


Young Shawn and Young Gus are wandering around in the woods. They hear noises around them. Is that a growl? They break into a run. The trees grow too thick and they have to stop. They see the glint of two eyes slowly pacing the forest floor. It turns its head towards them and –

Boys! What are you doing out here away from the others?!

Dad! You scared away the werewolf! I was going to make friends with it!


Shawn! Shawn! It’s almost a full moon. We need to be on lycan alert!

Now you’re just making up words

Lycan is a werewolf, Shawn. It’s not a full moon yet, just exceptionally gibbous. We need to be aware.

Dude, how do you always manage to make the wrong decision between cool and lame?


Blip – Rescue Pup Oatchi

Chum Joely – Chumtown Bears Shufflin’ Crew

copywight – Charlie Young

Cork – Seamus McTiernan

Eleanor – Burned Covert Collar Monk Psychic Doctors

Flubba – Sam Eagle

Goat – Tangina Goat

Jake – Leroy Brown

Josephus – Dirk Gently

Lamb Dance – Abed


MSD – Galavant

Nate the Lesser – Natey Billy

Raven – Missle

Sheltermed – Sam from Holes

sic – Patrick Jane


Thoughts – Emily Bloom

Warrior – a sponge



Shawn (Psychic Investigator): Chooses a player to get a read on to learn alignment. Share a chat, and actions with Gus. Cannot activate both actions the same night. Masons
Gus (Pharmaceutical Rep): Chooses one player to give healing drugs to overnight. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights. Can heal self. Share a chat and actions with Shawn. Cannot activate both actions the same night. Masons
Lassiter (Vigilante): 2 shot vigilante, shoots Nights 1&4 or 2&3
Juliet (Watcher): Stakes out a player each night to see if they have a movement
Henry (Bodyguard): Chooses one player to protect overnight. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights. Cannot protect Shawn


Mr Yang (Decoy): Chooses a player every night to frame for an action. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights
Mr Yin (Role Blocker): Traps a player in an ultra secured house every night. Cannot target the same player on consecutive nights
Allison (Back up Role Blocker): Activated if Yin dies before Day 4
Alice Bundy (Vanilla Wolf)


Pierre Despereaux (Freelancer): Survives a night kill attempt. Does not survive a day kill. Win condition: Must successfully fake death. Will share win with whichever side. Shows as Town to Shawn

Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without permission. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.
Ties will result in all tied players being killed. Should a GIROLT (Get It Right Or Lose Tonight) scenario occur, auto-kill will not come into effect until all living players have voted.
Night Action Order of Operations: Maximized for the most action
Please be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.

Twilight will be Tuesday, September 12th at 2am CET, 7pm EDT, 6pm CDT, 4pm PDT