Cabrales blue cheese

The Cabrales Cheese Night Thread (September 5, 2023)

Cabrales is a blue cheese made by dairy farmers in Asturias, Spain and aged in the mountains of the Picos de Europa national park. This cheese can be made from pure, unpasteurized cow’s milk or blended in the traditional manner with goat or sheep milk, but must come exclusively from herds raised in Asturias itself. Mature cheeses are taken down the mountain from the caves on foot.

It became the world’s most expensive cheese when 4.8-pound wheel manufactured by Guillermo Pendás at his family’s Los Puertos factory was auctioned for more than $32,000 last month.

It also won best Cabrales at the Las Arenas 51st Cheese Competition.

Mr Pendás mother Rosa Vada, who owns the Los Puertos factory, said the cheese had been matured in a cave at an altitude of 1,400 metres, at a temperature of 7C, where it spent “a minimum of eight months”.

The cheese was sold to restaurant owner Iván Suárez, who owns El Llagar de Colloto in Asturias. Mr Suárez said “the passion for the land” and “recognising the work of the cheesemakers” made him buy the cheese.

Cabrales Blue Cheese

Cabrales cheese is described as “irregular, rough with a dark grey rind. Its inside is close and soft texture and grooved by corridors where white and green-blue mould grows, with a strong flavour, aromatic, full fat and buttery taste.”

Blessed are the cheesemakers. Bonne Nuit to you all!