American Dad! Season 20, Episode 10 “Frantastic Voyage”

In which Francine tries to save a friend from a small problem

It’s fair to say that Francine is the best of the cartoon wives, generally written as someone who’s not a nagging wife or overbearing mother or general annoyance. She’s written as someone who is ready to party. And that sometimes drives her into conflict with Stan who is still a (small c) conservative guy. And that’s where we are this week.

At a CIA function, Francine is making a great impression on everybody. She steps out to use the bathroom and meets Stan’s fellow CIA agent, Cara who is part of the CIA’s Innerspace program and Stan’s work friend. They hit it off but Stan learns about this and lies to Francine that they didn’t as he doesn’t want to share work friends. While Cara is on a mission inside Duper, Francine stops by the office to apologize. In panic, Stan injects Cara into his body.

Cara gets out a message to Francine, who runs to the CIA and shrinks herself to rescue Cara inside Stan’s body. Of course all goes off on the rails when it is discovered that Stan has spiders in his brain. They attack the ship and strand the two inside Stan. Stan, unable to shrink himself inside himself (he sees where he went wrong. this isn’t Futurama), assembles a team, consisting of the best of the best who he never mentioned to Francine (and Morgan Freeman). They shrink down, and attempt a rescue. One gets killed immediately, Stan gets brain damage but they all make it out. Stan apologizes to Francine and everyone gathers in the backyard for sandwiches.

Over in the B-Plot, Hayley and Jeff find a Lamborghini tire and want to use it as there way into high society. Roger follows them along to see them crash and burn but is surprised at every turn when the tire works for them. It even gets them into a limo with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and eventually down south where they toss the tire away. A short but decent B-plot

Stray Observations

  • No Steve this week, even at the breakfast table.
  • Klaus is an Elden Ring guy
  • Jay Pharoah apparently voiced The Rock
  • Avery sounds a little old. please to the powers that be keep Patrick Stewart healthy and alive for as long as possible.

Final Thoughts: This on was a strong return from hiatus for Dadders, in my opinion. The heightened reality that AD! occupies always allows for great stories and this was no exception, using interesting premises to explore the characters’ dilemmas. And if we’re being totally honest this is a better use of weird sci-fi stuff than anything the Futurama reboot has done since it’s been back.