Werewolf 213: Sabriel the Conclusion

The students of Wyverley college who passed Charter abilities gathered uncertainly around the chaotic sarcophagus. They looked upon Sabriel, just a few months removed from being their student prefect, now a woman of immense responsibility and power. Sabriel led them through the slow process of breaking ward after ward, each one more difficult than the last. The younger students began collapsing from exhaustion as the din of the fighting increased. Guns led to swords as many fell to by time and as the last ward was breached the doors to the room exploded inward. Kerrigor wreathed in shadow and flame advanced and Sabriel rose to meet him. With waning energy she sliced as his form. “Pitiful” screamed Kerrigor distracted by vengeance and the urge to destroy the family that had thwarted him for so long. He advanced claws drawn but then suddenly began to dissipate. His ancient corpse had begun to burn. With a last gasp Sabriel pulled for Saraneth to bind Kerrigor to her will. And dragged him into death one final time.

Hoho has died. He was Kerrigor (The Wolf Killer)

Several weeks later Sabriel finally awoke. The college lay crumpled in ruins the losses high. But Kerrigor has been banished. It would take many years for the Old Kingdom to recover. There was still the open throne, many petty necromancers who had arose in Kerrigor’s shadow and a populace exhausted by the fear of the night. But for now the sun rose with hope once again.


Player List
  1. Blip (+ Nate as Mentor): Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  2. Chum: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  3. Cork: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  4. Emmelemm
  5. Genny -> Hoho: Kerrigor (Wolf Killer) originally Gore Crows: (Wolf Watcher)
  6. Greenwitch: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  7. Indy: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  8. Jake: Mogget the Vengeful Guide (Town Watcher and Record Keeper)
  9. Koala
  10. Malth: The Shadow Hands (Wolf Blocker)
  11. Moolissa: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  12. Moonster: Kerrigor (Wolf)
  13. MSD: Old Kingdom Citizen (VT)
  14. Queequeg
  15. Sheltermed
  16. Side: Touchstone the Berserker (Town Jailer and Vigilante)
  17. TCRM
  18. Warrior: The Mordicant (Wolf Tracker)
Role List


Sabriel the Abhorsen: Old Kingdom Investigator. 

-Each night Sabriel may pick one player to Investigate. They will learn if that player is a Member of the Dead, Touchstone, Mogget, or an Old Kingdom Citizen

Touchstone the Berserker: Old Kingdom Jailer and Vigilante

-Each night Touchstone may pick one player to Jail. That player is unable to take any night actions but is immune to all non-block night actions.

-Starting Night 3 Touchstone may choose to either pick one player to Jail or to pick one player to Kill. The kill option is removed after Touchstone successfully kills one player regardless of alignment 

-May not jail the same player two nights in a row.

Mogget the Vengeful Guide: Old Kingdom Watcher and Record Keeper

-Each night Mogget may pick one player to Watch. If any other player uses an ability on the watched target Mogget will be told the identity of that player but not their alignment

-If Sabriel dies before Mogget, Mogget will be given a full list of Sabriel’s investigate targets and up to half of the outcomes rounded down of Mogget’s choice. This cannot be blocked and is not watchable or trackable

11 Old Kingdom Citizens: Vanilla Old Kingdoms members

-They only have the power to vote.


The Greater Dead

Kerrigor the Scourge of Belisaere: The Dead Killer

-Each night Kerrigor picks one member of the Old Kingdom to kill.

-If the player with the role of Kerrigor dies one of the lesser Dead assumes the role of Kerrigor and their original powers are removed

The Lesser Dead

-The Lesser Dead are weaker than Kerrigor. Each night one of the lesser dead of the Dead players choice must not use their power. But with their numbers dwindling Kerrigor can lend its strength to their last companion. The last remaining Lesser Dead may use their power each night.

The Mordicant: The Dead Tracker

-Each night may pick a player to track. They will be told if that player visits any other player

The Gore Crows: The Dead Watcher

-Each night may pick a player to watch. They will be told if anyone visits that player

The Shadow Hands: The Dead Blocker

-Each night may pick a player to block. That player will not be allowed to take night actions.


Win Conditions
The Old Kingdom wins when all members of The Dead are well dead. (Blinks)
The Dead win when at least one member of the the Dead is alive and the number of Dead players is equal to or greater than the number of Old Kingdom players

The Tie Rule
As long as more than 6 people are alive: ties result in Sabriel secretly deciding who dies, or if Sabriel is dead, ties result in Kerrigor secretly deciding who dies. If 6 or fewer people are alive ties result in everyone living.

The Auto Kill Rule
As long as more than 8 people are alive. Auto-kill occurs at 50% if everyone has voted or at 66% regardless of if everyone has voted
If 8 or fewer people are alive Auto-kill occurs at 50% and requires everyone to have voted

Order of Operations for Night Powers:
Blocking -> Jailing -> Watching/Tracking/Investigation -> Killing -> Record Keeping

General Rules:
-There is no hidden role information in this game
-You may not edit or delete any posts
-You may not post screenshots from any private chat
-No game-related talk in the thread after twilight and please attempt to make at least three posts per day
-Role playing is welcome and may be from non-related properties but is not required
-Be Kind. Critique arguments not players. Be accepting of various play styles. And for yourselves remember that this is an incredibly difficult game to play, everyone will make mistakes, and to focus on and be proud of your successes.

Town Actions

Wolf Actions