The Monday Politics Thread Throws Down for Labor Day

From strikes to new union contracts, Labor Day’s organizing roots are especially strong this year

Labor Day is right around the corner, along with the big sales and barbecues that come with it. But the activist roots of the holiday are especially visible this year as unions challenge how workers are treated — from Hollywood to the auto production lines of Detroit.

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Want to Honor Labor Day? Check Your Paystub

The Federal Income Contributions Act (FICA) deduction, for instance, captures the meaning of Labor Day better than any picnic. When Americans get their first paychecks, many probably asked, like Rachel Green on Friends, “What’s FICA? Why’s he getting all my money?”


White men have controlled women’s reproductive rights throughout American history

When the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, removing women’s federal constitutional right to get abortions and giving states the power to pass laws about the legality of the procedure, the 6-3 vote was by a four white men, one Black man and a white woman majority.

Since that decision – Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – more than 1,500 state legislators, who are overwhelmingly white men, have voted for full or partial abortion bans.


The CROWN Act In Effect In Texas As Of September 1

The Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act, more commonly known as the CROWN Act, went into effect in the state of Texas on September 1. The new passing will enforce unwavering protection against discrimination in the workplace and public schools based on natural “race-based” hairstyles like twists, braids, Afros, and locs. 

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‘Where learning goes to die’: DeSantis’s rightwing takeover of a liberal arts college

Small liberal arts college is being steadily eroded by a DeSantis-aligned board, in ominous sign for higher studies in a country torn by culture wars

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After 8 major hurricanes in 6 years, some Gulf Coast communities are hitting a ‘tipping point’

When Hurricane Idalia slammed into Florida Wednesday morning, it became the eighth major hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast in the last six years. And it may not be the last; Atlantic hurricane season hasn’t yet peaked, and the Gulf of Mexico has been historically warm – more energy to fuel more deadly storms.


After DeSantis no-show, Scott stands next to Biden in Florida

The governor and ’24 GOP candidate steered clear as the president toured Hurricane Idalia damage — but the Republican senator was undeterred.


Hurricane Idalia’s wrath scars ‘The Tree Capital of the South’: Perry, Florida

Idalia arrived as a Category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 125, splitting trees in half, ripping roofs off hotels and turning small cars into boats before sweeping into Georgia and South Carolina.

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For small biz reliant on summer tourism, extreme weather is the new pandemic — for better or worse

For small businesses that rely on summer tourism to keep afloat, extreme weather is replacing the pandemic as the determining factor in how well a summer will go.

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Judge rejects DeSantis’ congressional map, empowering Black voters in North Florida

A state judge struck down North Florida’s congressional districts Saturday, rebuffing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ open defiance of anti-gerrymandering protections, finding the governor’s map illegally reduced Black voters’ electoral power.

DeSantis had wagered the state’s Fair Districts Amendment against the U.S. Constitution, arguing mandatory protections for Black voters violated the Equal Protection Clause. Second Judicial Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh flatly rejected that gamble, rendering a decision that could reverberate from the halls of Tallahassee to the streets of Jacksonville, paving the way for a new, Democratic district where Jacksonville’s Black voters have more influence.

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Haley stresses ‘younger generation’ needs to take over in response to McConnell freeze-up

“At what point do they get it’s time to leave? They need to let a younger generation take over. We want to go and start working for our kids to make sure we have a strong national security, to make sure we have a stronger economic policy, to make sure that America is safe. And we can’t do that if these individuals refuse to give up power,” Haley said.

“This is not just a Republican or Democrat problem. This is a congressional problem. And they’ve got to know when to leave. It is time to pass this down to a new generation of conservative leaders that want to take our country to a better place,” she continued. 

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Wisconsin voters caught in the middle as misinformation takes on education

In Wisconsin, two groups of activists are touring the state spreading seemingly opposing information about the state’s election system. One of them, led by a former Republican state senator, aims to restore trust in the administration and outcomes of elections, while the other rejects the results of the 2020 election and promotes debunked claims about widespread voter fraud in the state.

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Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: 5 things you may not know about his legacy of service

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, 75, known for his efforts in freeing hostages and other wrongly detained Americans, died in his sleep on Friday at his home in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Richardson had worn many hats throughout his life: congressman, a 2008 presidential candidate, a U.N. ambassador in the Clinton administration and a secretary of energy. However, he always went by the moniker “the Governor,” from his time leading his home state of New Mexico.

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Why Wisconsin Republicans are talking about impeaching a new state Supreme Court justice

The unprecedented attempt to impeach and remove Justice Janet Protasiewicz from office comes as the court is being asked to throw out legislative electoral maps drawn by the Republican-controlled Legislature in 2011 that cemented the party’s majorities, which now stand at 65-34 in the Assembly and a 22-11 supermajority in the Senate.

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As Clarence Thomas faces record unpopularity, Americans want an ethics code for the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ended a monthslong saga last week by officially disclosing trips paid for by GOP megadonor Harlan Crow.

The incident brought to light a key fact: Unlike other federal courts and the executive and legislative branches, the US Supreme Court does not have a formal ethics code.

Americans, it turns out, don’t think the Supreme Court should be an exception in this case. And when it comes to honesty and ethics, they believe the justices on the court are, at best, average.


Meet the white Trump official behind the launch of Black Americans for Immigration Reform

The man who launched it is white. He has a history of inflammatory posts about matters of race. And his vision for reforming immigration is restricting it.


In a state where elections can be close, Wisconsin Latinos learn their political power

The party is investing a lot of resources in Milwaukee – and the state of Wisconsin as a whole – in hopes of winning the crucial battleground back in 2024.


Abortion battle to play out on multiple fronts in November

A battle over abortion rights is set to play out on multiple fronts this coming November with votes that could affect access to the procedure in several states. 

Voters will go to the polls for key elections in half a dozen states this year, but abortion rights advocates in particular are looking at votes in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 

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GOP lawmakers take aim at LGBTQ+ ‘safe places’ program in small Florida town

Some central Florida lawmakers said they were considering “all legislative, legal and executive options available” to stop business owners in a small town from voluntarily displaying rainbow decals in their windows indicating that they are “safe place” for LGBTQ+ people who feel threatened.

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In Order for Americans To Love Our Country in Full, They Must Acknowledge Its History in Full

How then can anyone argue that enslaved people benefited from their bondage? For some, this egregious bastardization of history is driven by a blind sense of so-called patriotism that forbids the acknowledgment of any wrongdoing on the part of the United States. (These are the same folks who proclaim, “America is not a racist country” to shut down uncomfortable conversations regarding structural inequality, privilege, and inevitably, slavery.) Others believe that since slavery was abolished over 150 years ago, it should cease to be a topic of conversation altogether. And then there are those who would rather dilute the horrors of slavery than acknowledge the truth: that white people—not enslaved people—benefited and continue to benefit from the institution of slavery.

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Starting Today, Trans Youth In Texas No Longer Have Access to Gender-Affirming Care

SB 14 bars almost all minors from receiving common forms of gender-affirming care, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy. Although exceptions are being made for intersex minors, kids who are already receiving treatment for gender dysphoria will be forced to be “weaned off” their medications, according to CBS Texas. Under SB 14, healthcare providers who continue to provide these services to trans youth will have their licenses revoked.


Democrat set to become first state legislator who identifies as gay in Mississippi after primary win

Fabian Nelson will win the Democratic primary to represent Mississippi’s House District 66, CNN projects, and is set to become the state’s first legislator who identifies as gay.


Elon Musk’s biography says he turned into a transphobe when his trans daughter disowned him

Musk says art school turned his trans daughter into a hateful “communist.”

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What Is a Scab? Actors and Other Workers Who Cross the Picket Line

So what is a “scab”? A scab is a worker who crosses a picket line in violation of a planned work stoppage or strike and it’s the most contemptuous term that could be leveled against you within the labor movement. In his famous 1915 poem “Ode to a Scab,” writer Jack London said, “After God has finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made a scab… Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.” This description rings true for workers today.

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Zelensky sees progress in Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday underscored the progress in his army’s counteroffensive to liberate Russian-occupied territories.

“Ukrainian forces are moving forward. Despite everything and no matter what anyone says, we are moving forward, and that is the most important thing. We are on the move,” Zelensky wrote on Telegram.


N.Korea fires ballistic missiles after US sends bombers

North Korea fired two ballistic missiles toward the waters off its east coast late Wednesday night in an apparent protest against the ongoing regular military exercises conducted by South Korea and the US.

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Nobel Foundation disinvites Russian ambassador from Stockholm prize ceremony

The Nobel Foundation on Saturday reversed course and decided to withdraw invitations for the Russian, Belarusian and Iranian ambassadors to attend December’s prize ceremony in Stockholm.

The foundation earlier this week had issued a statement indicating it would extend the invitation to all parties, but following a backlash from Ukraine and elsewhere, announced on Saturday that it had rescinded the move.


Over 100 injured as Israeli Police break up Eritrean protest

Among those hurt were 30 police officers and three protesters hit by police fire.

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Gabon coup will not end rule by Bongo clan – presidential source

The military takeover in Gabon will merely lead to a continuation of rule by the Bongo clan which has been in power for 55 years, a source close to the deposed president has told the BBC.


Cyprus police make more arrests in racism-fueled violence

Police in Cyprus have made 20 arrests after a spate of racism-fueled violence against migrants which erupted last week in the west of the island and spread at the weekend to the southern city of Limassol.

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As an under-fire soccer chief stands firm, women’s soccer in Spain may be preparing for new beginnings

“We all want the same thing, right? That there is respect towards our profession, the same that there’s been during years, and still is, for the men’s side,” Spain’s two-time Ballon d’Or Winner Alexia Putellas said in a television interview with TUDN.


Israel’s Netanyahu demands deportation of African migrants after riots

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the deportation of African migrants in Israel, following severe clashes between police and Eritrean migrants.


Fifty years on: the lasting tragedy of Chile’s coup

The brutality with which an elected government was deposed inspired military takeovers across Latin America – but also galvanised the human rights movement and spotlighted the dark activities of the CIA

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Netherlands: The refugees from Ukraine who now have to leave

he government has ordered that the remaining roughly 3,000 people who do not have a permanent right to live in Ukraine must also leave the Netherlands, ending all rights and benefits, by September 4. This directive was supposed to become effective on March 4 but was extended for six months.

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