Writing Discussion Thread is doing some Research

What This Thread is for:

– talk about what you’re writing

– share what you’re writing, if you’re comfortable with that (and if you want or don’t want feedback, please indicate that also)

– talk about the writing process and what works and doesn’t work

– discuss things like characterization or plot issues you’re working through

– brainstorm ideas

– getting/giving positive feedback if solicited

What we’re not doing

-writing prompts

– any kind of shaming about topics or anything like that

Optional discussion: research

Here’s something that both fiction and non-fiction writers often do: research. Maybe your character needs to get from point A to B on a horse – how long would that take, and is it even possible? Maybe your character is an expert on something you are not – time to look up the basics to make them sound smart. How much time and energy do you devote to researching the particulars and how much do you avoid the need to do that? What sort of research do you do?