30 Day Fantasy Challenge Day 22: World Mythology

The month of August has us looking at a pretty exciting area that crosses into a lot of areas of fantasy. There are some specific things throughout it but others that can spread across many mediums and styles to talk about.

Today, we want to talk about the world of… well, mythology. So much of what we see in mainstream media are what we covered in the past few days with Greek and Norse, but a lot of us also get to see the mythology from other places that don’t get as much attention or as wide attention. From Japan and the oni to so many other cultures stories, we want to hear about everything else out there with what’s your favorite and what you wish was more, well, mainstream in being known and utilized.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite adaptation of it into modern film, TV, literature, or gaming?

Extra bonus question: What story do you wish was more famous or had seen more adaptations?