The Weekly Wrestling Thread Is So Tired

Aside from NJPW, it was not a good week for wrestling. The matches weren’t terrible for the most part (aside from Saraya and Luchasaurus stinking it up) but there weren’t many great matches either. I’m actually forgoing ranking the best matches of the week because there was so little to get excited over from AEW or WWE.

And then there’s CM Punk. People were wondering how soon until CM Punk acted like a petulant child again and it turned out the answer was nine weeks. Going on a post-show tirade against Hangman Adam Page (and meekly apologizing afterwards)… banning people like Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels from showing up at Collision… he even managed to ruin his sole good backstage moment (preventing Jack Perry from doing a dumb and unnecessary stunt) by telling him that he should stay on Wednesday nights. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest wrestlers ever but he’s such an insufferable douche that it makes being a fan hard. He’s like mid-’90s Shawn Michaels except nowhere near as talented and the chances of him actually growing up like Michaels did is nonexistent. You would hope Tony Khan would do something to reign him in but, based on reports of him marking out for Punk after his first Collision promo, that seems unlikely. A bunch of people on Reddit compared Khan to Michael Scott (and Punk to Ryan or Todd Packer) and it is so accurate. He’s tried to defend things by saying it’s good that people are paying attention to his product. They’re two weeks away from their biggest show and almost no one is talking about it because of Punk being an asshole. Goddammit.

To make up for how much of a downer this week was, here’s a sick picture I found on Reddit that the people here would enjoy:

May next week be better, in terms of matches and backstage stuff.