Fantasy Football 2023

Year, uh, six of this thing? Seven maybe? I’m not sure, it’s a lot of work to click the history button on Yahoo to see the right number. Anyways, I don’t post much anymore but my efforts to actually do fantasy things and football things remains. Also because I like to keep things as dumb as possible, this is continuing my tradition of posting this exactly 52 weeks after the last thread (August 18th in 2021, 17th in 2022, 16th in 2023).

League URL:

Draft Time: September 3rd at 3:30 PM…so I’m keeping basically the same starting settings where it’s the Sunday before labor day/before the season starts in the middle of the afternoon. Again, this can be adjusted, it’s just a placeholder. Let me know if everyone is okay with the time.

So here’s some fun time roll call for the league to see where everyone stands…

No Good Team Name Ideas: Me Harvey Dent (still in of course, not going anywhere)

Dangerous Nights Crew: Kappa (confirmed per some people so I assume it’s valid)

Grogan’s Neck Roll: atari2600 (need confirmation)

Dan’s De-Niners: Dan (need confirmation)

Indy’s Ninja Turtles: indeeeed (need confirmation)

BONES!: Sludge (confirmed per league chat)

Ballsdeepinyourpunt: Nosilla (confirmed per league chat)

Steamedhams: jonhamm’sjonham (confirmed per league chat)

Smarch’s Zero Effect: Smarch Possessed (need confirmation)

Cobb Salad Superstars: Art Cop Vandelay (need confirmation)

I’m Joe Buck: Combactus Rex (need confirmation)


I THINK I got those last two spots right. If backwords, please correct me. Anyways we do have an empty spot immediately this year before confirmations even start, so anyone that wants it can have it