Asheville Eats Sunday Food Thread 8/13

Last weekend we were in Asheville, NC. It’s an area that’s getting really popular (for better or worse) and is experiencing growing pains. I had my hopes high for some really good meals and at least one restaurant lived up to those, it was a place we’d eaten before so was a sure thing unless they changed up for some reason.

I’m feeling a bit rushed this weekend, so here’s my word for word notes that I kept on my phone to remind me of each place.

Baby Bull- Yes! Burger was top-notch, hush puppies hit the mark. Would go again though my wife’s vada pav wasn’t very hot when it came to the table.
Laughing Seed- surprisingly good buffalo cauliflower tacos. would go again. Best restaurant coffee.
Chai Pani- As good as it was last time, maybe even better. This is the pav bhaji I want to eat every day!
Buxton Hall- cold hush puppies, cold sides, indifferent server. BB had a better burger, really good waffle fries. Don’t go back.
Biscuit Head- cold lumpy grits, room temp eggs, good biscuit, hurried atmosphere. Avoid at all costs.

I’ve got a busy day today, if I have a chance I’ll add a little more detail in the comments.