No one took the OT tonight, so here’s a Tom and Jerry: The Movie Night Thread

Tom & Jerry: The Movie opened thirty years ago this summer. Right now you are probably either feeling really old or wondering why the fuck anyone would do an OT for fucking Tom & Jerry: The Movie, and then you’ll look at who the author of the thread is, and you’ll be like “damn it, I should have guessed.”

Tom & Jerry: The Movie is a movie that has everything, and by that I mean it has Indiana Jones, an evil aunt from a Roald Dahl book, sexy evil Tony Jay purring about the need for money, a sexy evil dog on a skateboard, an evil puppeteer (I think?), an evil ice cream man (I think?), alley cats who sing about how they’re nihilists, and a little girl who looks like Inspector Gadget’s niece.

Oh, and Tom and Jerry were in it. They were friends. And maybe lovers.

NGL this poster is, as the cool kids say these days, pretty “dope”…

What surprised me recently was learning that this was directed by Phil Roman, the man who helmed almost all of the Garfield TV specials, multiple Peanuts titles, and went on to be responsible for Garfield and Friends and a little show you guys might like called The Simpsons. You would think this guy would be good at handling Tom and Jerry, but there’s a good chance the final product was more or less outside of his control. The 90s were infamous for having parents being overly worried about violent cartoons, and since that was kind of Tom and Jerry’s whole thing, some studio head may have said “yeah, make them pals for this one. Oh, and if you could have them talk, even better!”

Regardless of if this falls into the Nostalgia Critic rant or nostalgia classic category for you, this teaser trailer is almost too cool for its own good. It isn’t even an accurate depiction of what the movie actually is (though it does ominously promise audiences a “big surprise” at the end, so maybe they knew what they were doing here)

Have a great night, y’all!