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A Quick and Easy Weekend Politics Thread

Hello, everyone. This is Wolfman Jew covering for Dave; this is my first-ever PT thread. That’s ostensibly fun! My hope is that I’ll be too drawn into Pikmin to spend all my time in here, but I’ll definitely make sure to hang out and read your scintillating comments.

I don’t really have much in the way of breaking news stories. However, It’s worth highlighting the new rule about embedding tweets. Namely: don’t embed tweets. Including screenshots of them is fine, but not the posts themselves. It’s not going to be aggressively enforced for the next two weeks for the sake of easing people into this, but it will afterwards (Kappa wrote a more comprehensive detailing of the changes here). There are several reasons why this has been adopted, including legal ones, so I’d ask that we be both considerate of that and proactive about what comments we want to highlight.

Anyway, don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel, don’t be gross about people, and please be willing to think for a moment about whether your edgy, provoking comment would be better left unsaid. It’s been a tense and sometimes ugly few weeks here at the Politics Thread. Sometimes it’s okay to just back away.