Scaly-foot Snail

The Scaly-foot Snail Day Thread (June 30, 2023)

There is none more fucking metal animal alive than the Scaly-foot snail, a species of gastropod which lives solely around three hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, three kilometres deep.

It’s outer shell as well as the scales from which its name derives, are literally made of iron sulphate nanoparticles. Fucking devil horns, man.

The Scaly-foot Snail

The Scaly-foot Snail

The snail relies on a farm of microbes called chemoautotrophs which grow inside a pouch located in their throat. The microbes break down the chemicals that leak from the volcanic vents, creating food in the process. The bacteria produce toxic sulphur as waste however, which the snail has to mineralise and excrete, producing the scales on their feet.

These bad-ass beasts are considered threatened species due to their specific habitat, a total area of less than 0.02 km2.

Have an extremely metal day everyone, and take care of yourselves.