Sports Corner Tinkers with the Roster

The NHL and NBA seasons done, the MLB season at its halfway point, the major European soccer leagues are between seasons, and NFL training camp coming, so everyone is looking to make the perfect roster. The NBA draft sent the Next Big Thing, Victor Wembayana, to one of the best organizations in sports in San Antonio. The NHL draft will send his hockey equivalent, Connor Bedard, to one of the worst in Chicago. And then come the free agent deals, the trades, the shuffling of lineups and so on till the last man is cut from the NFL teams in August. Don’t get used to anything, since the guy you like might playing somewhere else tomorrow, or not playing at all.

Oh, and there are also things happening on baseball fields, soccer pitches, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf courses, and racetracks the world over. So feel free to tell me what you’ve been following.