The Weekly Video Games Thread, an Experimental Black & White Film

Happy Monday, all! Your host Wolfman Jew is a bit tired after having finished a long writing project. So here’s a simpler kind of prompt: there are a lot of games that try to mimic old timey footage and imagery, particularly (though not exclusively or inherently) through a grayscale color scheme, retro filters, or deliberately poor details like hairs on the screen or poor audio recording. Whole games that do that include classics like Limbo, which compliments an extremely stark black and white palette with a grainy, distant camera and creaking noises. But there are plenty of games that also use this for flashbacks or sequences. Of all of them, which are your favorite?

This isn’t really a prompt strictly about one of the visual tricks involved in this – though if you’d like to treat it as such, please do. It’s more of the ways games harken back not just to another medium, but a time in that medium’s life from before games were really a thing. As always, I’m interested in the relationship games have with the broader entertainment industry. And beyond that, what was your weekend like for playing?