Greatest TV Commercial Tournament: Round 2!!!

Hello everyone! We’re ready for round 2 of the greatest TV commercials of all time.

Here are stats from round 1: The closest match came between the Micro Machines guy and ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter.” It was down to two votes, but the Swedish Chef came out on top over the motormouth, 31-29.

That round was also the biggest upset of the round, as Micro Machines was the 16th seed while ESPN was only 49th.

There were a number of big blowouts, but the biggest of all went to “Hello Ladies,” The Man Your Man Could Smell Like himself, whose 5th seed Old Spice commercial demolished Nike’s “A Little Less Conversation,” (60th seed, and while fun also 3 minutes long for a single commercial).

For this round, you have until 10PM (Eastern) on Saturday, 6/17. We’re going to extend this to Sunday 10PM Eastern because of the Disqus problems I was having. Good luck to all those left!