The Day Thread Can Show You How to Get to Sesame Street & Broadway

SeaWorld Orlando is not known for its place-making, but in recent years they’ve refocused away from Shamu (the breeding program is discontinued and the shows are winding down) and onto roller coasters and immersive environments like any other theme park.

As part of that effort, they added a surprisingly detailed recreation of Sesame Street to the park in 2019 to serve as the children’s area. The kiddie rides are nothing special, but the facades on the other side of the street are a delight. And one of their graphic designers went HARD on Broadway parodies in the gift shop. There’s no reason for these to be as good as they are:

With the Tony Awards tonight, it’ll be a tough race between & Julia and Cadabby Akimbo. But don’t count out Oscar the Grouch in Some Like It (NOT)