It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 16, Episodes 1 & 2 – “The Gang Inflates,” and “Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang” DISCUSSION

FX/FXX/Disney’s wildest sitcom is back for a record-breaking 16th season!

Here’s the synopsis of episode 1, “The Gang Inflates,” per the It’s Always Sunny Wiki:

“Dennis and Mac get into inflatable furniture to deal with the economy’s inflation, while Dee tries to find a place to crash after being evicted by her greedy landlord and Charlie wants to pitch Frank his crypto/online investment idea. And in this inflation episode everything gets bigger – Dee’s desperation, Mac’s lips, and even Charlie’s apartment!”

And in episode 2, “Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang,” well…

“After Frank shoots Dennis and Dee, they resolve to take Frank’s gun away. Mac and Charlie go on a road trip with their moms to get their inheritances — for Mac, it’s letters written by his grandfather which have fallen into his Uncle Donald’s hands, while for Charlie, it’s a jar of teeth that is now in the hands of his sisters, Bunny and Candy.”

What did you think of the two-episode premiere? Personally, I remember complaining to a friend around season 13 that this show hadn’t added any new lore since season 8 or so, but I think the trip to Ireland and now “Frank Shoots Every Member of the Gang” have done a lot to remedy that. Discuss below!