American Dad! Season 20 Episode 9 “Saving Face”

In which Stan hits his peak…

Stan is characterized by his ego, his neediness and his vanity if anything. And in this episode it all collides into one disturbing incident when he feels he needs to maintain his peak. After realizing he has reached his peak, Stan goes around celebrating. He’s happy that he’s the best he’s ever been physically. That is until a butcher tells him that peak means everything goes downhill from here.

Worried about what this will be for him, Stan rushes off to see a plastic surgeon (not Weisman or Calgary which makes sense given there propensity for messing around with appearances). But this plastic surgeon isn’t playing around either and injects Stan with drugs and knocks him out. When he awakens, Stan finds his face swapped to a (very disturbing) different face (and voice box) while the doctor has his face. The doctor explains that it is part of his revenge and the doctor goes off to live with the Smith’s now.

When real Stan tries to convince the family that the doctor is an imposter, the Doctor turns the tables and pronounces that real Stan is just insane. The doctor explains it is all part of his revenge for Stan having bought the house he wanted. The doctor manages to chase Stan away. Stan turns to the only man that can help him (it’s Tuttle). After a detour to Asia, Stan tracks the doctor down the doctor and a fight ensues. Stan Face/Offs Stan’s face from the doctor and he walks away planning on getting his face put back on. (What happens with his voice? *hand waves*)

Referencing “Good Morning USA” opening without the song

Over in the B-plot, Roger buys an apple but it slips down a crack and he Jeff and Klaus try to chase it down through the sewer. He finds an orange in the sewer but not his apple. He eventually ends up popping out by Stan and the rest of the family and chasing it out into the ocean until he realizes he can buy another one.

Stray Observations

  • We see the Red State Grocer for the first time in a long time, a marker which reminds us of the early season Conservative “satire” and “jokes” this show used to traffic in
  • I’m a sucker for the use of old scenes with the new character in the background and this episode delivered.
  • This is the midseason finale and American Dad! will return in September so enjoy the hiatus Dadders and either catch up on this season so far or rewatch some golden age episodes if you choose.