The Mm..Food? Night Thread (May 24, 2023)

The opening track of DOOM’s 2004 Mm..Food? contains the phrase “Operation Doomsday complete.” By 2004 and his fifth studio album, Dumile had exacted his revenge on hip-hop and felt free to write lyrics about lighter subjects, as he explained to NPR:

“There are different topics besides murdering everybody. That seems to be the in thing– how many people you can murder on a record. So I’m bringing it back to the old, bragging about how nice you are with the words.”


He describes the mostly self-produced record as a kind of concept album about “things you find on a picnic, or at a picnic table.” It’s a lot skit-heavier than previous albums and the cartoon samples lead into and exit almost every track. It’s not for everyone.

Favourite track: Kookies

Favourite lyric:

Look like a black wookiee when he let his beard grow
Weirdo, brown-skinned, always kept his hair low
Rumour has it it’s a S-Curl accident
DOOM was always known to keep the best girls’ backs bent
Some say it’s the eyes, some say the accent

(Hoe Cakes)

Have a tasty evening and take care, everyone!