American Dad! Season 20 Episode 8 “Stan Fixes a Shingle”

In which Stan fixes a Shingle but other stuff happens too

The Francine/Steve relationship is an interesting one in that the dynamic changes of course based on plot but always centers around Francine seeking acceptance by Steve. Whether it’s teaching him to shoplift or learning LARP-ing or [redacted episode that is so terrible I try to scrub it from my brain] it’s often about Francine trying to be a part of Steve’s life. And this episode was no different.

Steve is working on his school project to create Ethanol based fuel and Francine wants to help but Steve is reluctant. He gives her busy work but she finds out he thinks she’ll screw it up. So she goes about trying to help but ends up making a mess. But she soon believes that she’s created a hangover free beer. She tries to recreate the recipe to help Steve. However, after another day Francine and Klaus realize that the beer causes a really bad hangover later. They try to hide this from Steve and get him to win the prize by trying to get the prize awarded soon. Steve discovers this but also tries to get the prize awarded quickly. This doesn’t really work but Steve ends up winning any because they think a student’s saxophone caused them to be sick. All is good between Steve and Francine again.

Over in the B-Plot, Hayley, Roger and Jeff go to see Gallagher drive by in his bus. When the bus drops a suitcase, the trio discover that it contains Gallagher’s mallet. They embark on a cross-country road trip to return the mallet. They have time but Hayley ends up breaking it in her attempt to smash some watermelons. They try to smash the watermelon with the van but end up killing Gallagher.

RIP Gallager, in real life and on the show

And in the C-Plot Stan finally fixes that shingle. Until he doesn’t.

Stray Observations

  • The line about being only slightly morally corrupt cut right to a commercial about HBOMax (or I guess just Max now).
  • Gallagher died in November 2022 but I guess they just decided to keep on with this subplot.
  • I didn’t think the Hangunder song deserves to go up in the pantheon of AD! songs but I’d be curious as to your thoughts.

Final Thoughts: This one was ok. I enjoyed the ridiculousness of the Stan subplot and his breaking of the fourth wall. And there was some laughs to be had with the beer testing crew. Overall decent but not the strongest.